View Full Version : LIDO brake away points

2nd Apr 2015, 20:49
Good afternoon, I have been trying to find a definition for the brake away points found on many AGC,s. Does anyone know where I can find a definition for that? I have used the search function here and on the GEN part with no results...

2nd Apr 2015, 21:23
Do you mean 'break-away'?

2nd Apr 2015, 21:37
Sorry, break away areas...

2nd Apr 2015, 21:59
The term is somehow confusing. FRA-EDDF 1-20 AOI, states 'break away' , only to state 'brake away' on next paragraph.
I suppose is a kind of release point, but no references to it on manuals, or too clumsy to find it. :O

3rd Apr 2015, 07:15
It's just a point to disconnect the towing truck when pushback is completed . They tell you where to disconnect. No big deal for you as a pilot