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18th Mar 2015, 18:02
Hello all,

General question which I am hoping someone can answer. With the new sharklet equipped A320, would Airbus generate a new FCOM for that particular MSN? I have a copy of our FCOM, and just has the one FCOM applicable to all types, with 2 different sets of data based on engine rating.

I would have though a seperate FCOM for the new retrofit with Sharklet?

Can anyone advise?

tubby linton
18th Mar 2015, 18:29
There are some other differences apart from performance so I would imagine that Airbus will generate a new fcom when your employer has told them about the fit.If it has been done as a locally certified mod then this may not happen.. Some of our old A300s had an IFE power isolation button which was a local mod and the only reference to it was on a company produced page.

18th Mar 2015, 18:30
Thanks for your reply. The aircraft has already been fitted and flying in the air!! Should there be a seperate FCOM for each MSN/Aircraft Reg?

tubby linton
18th Mar 2015, 18:36
Each of our 30+ aircraft has its own tailored FCOM carried on board. Many airlines are transitioning to only carrying an electronic version.

18th Mar 2015, 18:39
Ah ok, thanks, so each MSN has its own FCOM - thanks. I could only find a generic one that applied to the family as previously explained.

Thanks again, ill have to hunt for it now.

Metro man
18th Mar 2015, 22:04
We're EFB only for the FCOMs and each aircraft can be looked up by it's registration. You'd be surprised at the differences beyond sharklet/non sharklet.

The old paper FCOMS covered multiple aircraft, had seriel numbers rather than our registrations, and different ranges for each system so you had to check that you looked in the 0 - 1500 or 1501 - 2500 part of the system you were interested in as appropriate.