View Full Version : Airbus A330/340 Failures in CAT3 SINGLE

17th Mar 2015, 22:35
Good evening out there,

Below 200' Autoflight system freezes the landing category, even in CAT3 Single, is stated in the FCOM-PRO-SRP.
So, should be the decision to Continue or Go Around be the same in CAT3 Single or DUAL?

Between 1000 to 200 , any Amber Caution, Eng fail , etc..
Below 200 only Autoland Light or No Flare.

What happen if you have an ECAM amber caution at 150' in CAT3 Single?

18th Mar 2015, 07:46
You have answered yourself in the last 2 lines of the paragraph.

18th Mar 2015, 11:05
I recon if the autopilot disconnects you'll probably have your answer.

(So Autoland light on...)

19th Mar 2015, 20:26
But , i.e : an ENG FAIL below 200' starting the app in CAT3 Single. That failure is not inhibited , you will have an ECAM Caution and you are not flying Fail Operational, the alert height concept is not valid. Land o GA ?

20th Mar 2015, 02:12
technically, go around; realistically, land.

23rd Mar 2015, 00:29
I guess , may be , there is no particular procedure in CAT3 SINGLE. Below 200' it seems to be the same that DUAL.