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13th Mar 2015, 15:42
Good Morning,

what altitude are you setting your go around acceleration at?
in the middle east operators the policy is to set it at the missed approach altitude, but at my new OP they don't seem to have a policy, and Airbus just says:
set or change, as the default is 1500'.

the advantage is see from having a higher altitude set is a delay in speed increase which is beneficial here where there is always a mountain in front of you on the go around and a corresponding published turn, and as per doc 8168,
the max speed in the intermediate missed approach segment is 160k, in which case I want to delay acceleration until that turn is finished and a procedural constraint is met on that missed approach.

13th Mar 2015, 15:53
The default is set by the company, as is the acceleration altitude on departure. Ours is set to 1000', a previous airline I flew with was set to 800' (the minimum from memory).

You over-write it if the chart details a higher altitude - some French airports, like Grenoble, spring to mind.


13th Mar 2015, 18:07
If I recall correctly, pansops changed some years ago, so that for a go around the acceleration alt is at missed approach alt.
We set missed approach alt or MSA, if it's likely to exceed 10 mins at toga to reach missed approach, level off at msa or above to accelerate.

13th Mar 2015, 19:21
You are not going to keep TOGA power until acceleration altitude. You are talking about acceleration altitude so there shouldn't be a time limit.

Let's say thrust reduction at 1500 and climb with MCT power to missed approach altitude then accelerate.

Ollie Onion
13th Mar 2015, 21:08
In my airline it is set to either the published missed approach altitude or to 1500 AAL if you would expect a visual circuit to land (common in this part of the world).

14th Mar 2015, 09:12
PANSOPS indicates missed approach gradient but no more includes acceleration segment indication. It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that this requirement is met. In case of high go around gradients you can fly all the way to MSA but Airbus recommends that operator should find out if it is possible to accelerate before that altitude.