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26th Feb 2015, 07:28
I work for a large european aircraft manufacturer (part 145 organisation) and we are having some lively debate on regulations

If I recieve an assembly, for instance a brake maniolfd from a manufacturer with its corresponding EASA form 1

I then fit said assy onto an aircraft and find that a componant malfunctions, lets say a servo valve. I then trouble shoot and diagnose a faulty servo valve on said assy.

If I change that componant, do I then invalidate the EASA form 1, requiring the assy to be replaced? :confused:

Please bear in mid that this is not part 21 organisation further the aircraft maintenance manual lists the componant as a replacable part with a procedure to do so.

26th Feb 2015, 20:31
I would say the point is moot.

Once the assy is fitted to the a/c the EASA Form 1 has been used and filed.
If there is an approved procedure to replace a component then that becomes the authority for certification.

I think. :uhoh:

27th Feb 2015, 09:42
So to further my question:-

For me, if I diagnose the componant faulty and request the assy manufacturer (issuer of EASA F1) replace that componant IAW CMM, then surely I do not devalidate the EASA form 1 ????

27th Feb 2015, 20:10
As far as I know, if the assy is on your capability list, it shouldn't be a problem to replace part of it.
If not, you'll have to replace the entire assembly.

In any case, that's how I understand it, but I might be wrong, of course.

27th Feb 2015, 20:44
In my view, using the example given, if the Servo Valve is listed as a replaceable unit, with an AMM procedure for doing so, then it is replaceable IAW AMM no problem.