View Full Version : New Shannon-based 328JET operator?

18th Apr 2001, 17:42
This week's Flight International has an ad looking for staff for a SNN-based startup: "regional services across mainland Europe and the UK from Shannon." Anyone know more details about what's planned?

Billy the Kid
18th Apr 2001, 19:07
Do hope they have a Management Team with a 'Proven track record'.

18th Apr 2001, 19:56
Not another one!! They must have money to burn, these people!

Deep Cover Gecko
18th Apr 2001, 22:33
Is this the phoenix rising from the VEI ashes? Or just a coincidence?

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Irish Steve
19th Apr 2001, 00:41
There was a lot of rumour a while back of a new start up in Ireland that was going to be providing close to a "walk on " service around the regionals, with a local "celebrity" Brendan o'Carroll involved, but it's gone very quiet, and in the meantime, Aer Arran got the Public service Obligation rights for most of the regionals.

May be completely off the beam, but then again, maybe they did at last find some funding somewhere.

19th Apr 2001, 14:37
I remember reading an interview with Brendan O'Carroll in some Irish celebrity magazine (saw it in a dentist's waiting room or something, honestly). He was talking about a fleet of four Fokker 50s and two 737s. The rotation plan involved flying some of the aircraft on triangular routings (DUB-ORK-GWY-DUB, etc.). According to the article, he claimed he'd invented the concept of triangular routings! Duhhh... Any iota of residual credibility his plan might have had disappeared for me when I read that. :)

19th Apr 2001, 16:19
O'Carroll claimed to have 5 Bae-146's on order, and wanted to have a no-frills service - for example 35 one-way Dublin to Galway or 50 return.

A few months later it was the 737/F50 mix with a 45 per sector fee, so if a passenger wnated a return trip from Waterford to Belfast (his own example) it would cost 180!

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Obi Wan Kirk
20th Apr 2001, 21:02
If they offer a good remuneration package I am sure they can attratct quite a few type rated Captains and FOs from Gandalf Airlines.
This would save them waiting to find sim slots and it would be a great advantage having expereineced crews. Gandalf have some very good pilots. If they pay they will attract!

21st Apr 2001, 01:41
Obi wan Kirk.....some bold statements there ol' chap!

21st Apr 2001, 15:33
Believe this is a coincidence - not the VEI phoenix we're still waiting for.
VEI AOC now suspended as long as key players remain in office. Still hoping to get two 73's up and running before long. :)