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18th Apr 2001, 15:33
I know this not the right forum but thought it was important everybody was reached.
This virus was discovered yesterday by Mcfee and as yet no vaccince.Its called"A Virtual Card for You",so do not open it(delete it) as it will destoy Sector Zero on your hard disk which you can then kiss goodbye.It has been classed the most destructive ever.
Also Intel have found one called,"An Internet Flower For You", do not open,you will be unable to reboot your PC bacause (.dll files) are corrupt.

18th Apr 2001, 15:58
There are NO forums on PPRuNe for hoax virus warnings!

The Nr Fairy
18th Apr 2001, 16:01
Two things :

One. Before promulgating stuff like this, think of checking ( and promulgating ) this link :


This details BOTH hoax viruses.

Two : Moderators - can this thread be closed, and moved if required ?