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31st May 2002, 00:13
Maybe this belongs in the African Aviation Forum, however, I've chosen to post it here and let it end up where it may.

JJFlyer has elected to start his own web site which I heard about through the grapevine.

I sought it out as JJ was a protege of mine, and I always supported his drive for perfection and the ultimate goal..."The Left Seat".

So it is with difficulty that I have seen on his web site (can be accessed via Google seek CaptJJFlyer and go to the Yahoo!GeoCities:Pilots link) that he has seen fit to post himself as a Captain and also posted many photos of his adventures of flying in Africa.

I took most of the photos posted on his webste, including the one of him in the Left seat of the B-727. It was a posed photo for whatever reason.

In addition, as an experienced VIP pilot, JJ should know that the principals of the B-737-500 would most probably not appriciate the interior of their jet being shown to the general masses.

JJ, I'm ashamed of you. Wait your time and it will come, but please don't mislead people.

When you can land the A/C safely at Southend with a 45 kt. quartering crosswind then you are ready. A website won't increase your experience or qualifications, no matter how good it looks on the net.:confused: :confused: :confused: