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30th May 2002, 08:06
I was watching this video clip (http://www.airliners.jp/qt/JL763_JA8399sw.mov) (mov format - 2,215 KB) of a 767 landing and I noticed how quickly after touchdown the spoilers are retracted. I thought it was unusual. Often I don't see the spoilers down even when the plane has left the runway for the taxiway. What's the usual procedure one follows on this matter?

30th May 2002, 09:02
Yes, something highly unusual is going on here. I can only imagine that the thrust levers were advanced as the aircraft touched down, possibly a late correction to what was being perceived as a 'firm' arrival. This action would cause the spoilers to retract automatically. If it was a 'touch and go' training detail then standard procedure would dictate that the spoilers were most certainly NOT armed on the approach!
In my airline, standard procedure was to leave everything in the landing configuration, apart from the thrust reversers, until vacating the runway. The stowing of the spoilers was the silent message for the first officer to start running through the after-landing checklist.

Bally Heck
30th May 2002, 09:10
The speedbrakes will retract after landing if either the speedbrake lever is manually stowed or if the thrust levers are advanced. Neither should happen during a normal landing and it could lead to control problems if reversers are deployed. It doesn't look like the reversers deployed although it's a rather grainy vid to be sure.

Is it possible he was doing a touch and go?

(Edited to say you beat me to it George)

30th May 2002, 14:40
Or........perhaps they auto-retracted because of a truck tilt disagree, or wheel-spin up signal loss/out of limits to the spoiler arming and control system. The aircraft came up on the struts a bit after touchdown, and may have gone far enough to "un-tilt" the trucks creating an air-ground dis-agree, perhaps indicating to the aircraft systems a potential go-around. They retracted when the nose wheels went on, which for the pilot flying would have been a bad time to be working the speed brake handle, and distracting having the pilot not flying reaching around the reverser handles. Maybe................?

31st May 2002, 05:14
"or wheel-spin up signal loss/out of limits to the spoiler arming"

I don't believe this is applicable to the 767 ;-) (At least it's not shown in our Boeing 767 wiring schematics). Perhaps you're thinking of a different aircraft type... or the Autobrakes?


31st May 2002, 15:15
Don't remember much about 767's, so just mentioned some options for getting the auto-speedbrakes out. Just suggesting that something may have interrupted the arming/control signal and they retracted to the fail operative position.