View Full Version : Database problems in GPS and FMS

29th May 2002, 22:21
I often hear from other pilots about observed errors in databases in various GPS and FMS systems

Especially in SID's and STAR's where a combination of fly-over and fly-by waypoints are used.

I have tried several times to report observed database erros to the hardware supplier and also to the database supplier (Jeppesen) but nobody cares about the database errors and they are left for months and years without anybody correcting the errors.

I would like to hear from other pilots weather or not the experience occasional database errors and weather or not they have had succes reporting it.

Thank you.

29th May 2002, 22:56
Have reported two errors in DP's directly to Jeppesen in Denver....and received a positive response...and corrections.

29th May 2002, 23:08

I must agree that my Company has had the same kind of problems with a European supplier, and although we have ATC evidence that the database is not producing the goods, we tend to get the reply that 'we have checked the data and there are no errors'.

This gets us nowhere, especially as we have a problem at a very busy airport, surrounded by mountains!!!

We are still trying......

30th May 2002, 06:48
I have to say that I've never had a problem in getting corrections on GPS datacards. My impression is that Jeppesen take the fault seriously, as well they should!

If you're not getting anywhere with Jepps kriskross, I'd have to say that the error might be in the equipment you use. I find that Jepps always check their own data, upon notification and, if they can't find any error, they'll query the aviation regulator who provided the data in the first place. I'd say this is what has happened in your case and that the regulator has said that the data is correct.

Just a thought, anyway...

30th May 2002, 16:19
Hello everybody

I can see that this is definately an issue.

I had obe positive experience reporting a database error to Jeppesen 3 years ago.

Since that time I have made numerous error reports to Jeppesen.
Nothing happens.
Not even a respons.

In my hometown there are 19 SID's.
10 of these are without errors
9 has got errors.

Last time I hade a correct database was in July 2001.
Since that time there has been countless errors every month.

No new SID has been published during the same period in our airport.

Some of these errors are a hazard to aviation.

I keep documentation that I have reported these errors.
In case of a DP related accident I believe Jeppesen has a liability problem.

30th May 2002, 21:18
Do you report these errors to Denver or FRA?...the latter have been hopeless in the past.

31st May 2002, 00:36
I report to Jeppesen FRA
I am resident in Europe.

Some years ago I actually managed to get FRA to correct an error.
Since that time it has been hopeless.