View Full Version : CFM?? What does it stand for?

27th May 2002, 13:09
G'day Guys,

I'm just im the process of doing some reading on engines! Just curious if there is anybody out there who knows what CFM stands for?

Not that it's important, just curious!! :)


27th May 2002, 14:16
Call Fcuking Maintenance!

27th May 2002, 14:24
The company CFM is not an acronym, so it doesn’t stand for anything, according to www.cfm56.com.

The company (CFM), and product line (CFM56), got their names by a combination of the two parent companies’ commercial engine designations: GE’s CF6 (Commercial Fan version of GE's F-101 military core engine) and Snecma’s M56 prototype.

27th May 2002, 18:48
Cheap Foreign Motors

Crappy Foreign Muck

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Genghis the Engineer
28th May 2002, 08:04
There's also a company in Suffolk (UK) who make a rather nice two-seater called the Shadow. They are called CFM, standing for Cooks Flying Machines, after David Cook, who designed the original model.


28th May 2002, 08:20

Lara Croft thanks for your input. I have just had a chat to a mate overseas, he tells me it stands for: Commercial Fan Manufacturer?

He seemed pretty sure of it!!! Who knows.

Have a good one! ;)


Capt Chambo
28th May 2002, 09:30
I was led to believe that it stood for "Commercial Fan Moteur"(French Spelling) to distinguish the civil engines from the military ones.

28th May 2002, 12:28
I thought it was Civil Fan Moteur.... For thesame reason as stated above.

I was told so by some ground school instructors, and I've also read it in a manual somewhere.

28th May 2002, 14:17
It stands for commercial fan motor.

29th May 2002, 02:21
Try this, www.cfm56.com/know/index.htm