View Full Version : Was Air Europe a low cost airline?

8th Oct 2001, 17:17
Is there a definition of what exactly a low
cost airline is

An airline with low costs - does this mean
no middle men i.e. you deal with the airline

Answers on a post code please

8th Oct 2001, 18:00
In a nutshell - NO! Air Europe was a fully fledged scheduled airline with split class and interline agreements with other carriers.

The no-frills low cost carriers are one class point to point airlines and do not have any interline agreements.

Hope this helps! ;)

Luke Mc
8th Oct 2001, 23:19
Did Air Europe have a bussiness class then, I thought it was mostly a charter airline with some schedules rather like Monarch or Air2000 is today, and what schedules did it fly and where these in competition with flag carriers?

9th Oct 2001, 01:00
Yes , indeed Air Europe had a business class,
namely - Air Europe Business Class.
At the time it was an innovative product with themed styles of service on different routes- CDG BRU GVA PMI GIB MUC ZRH to name a few.

It also had a First Class shorthaul product - Premier Class on certain routes, which was silver service ,Lobster etc.... : It was extremely popular,always full & bl**dy hard work.

The mix of flying was good - short/long haul,charter/schedule and the airline was renowned for its award winning standards.

Sadly it was both progressive and ambitious at a difficult time and expanded very rapidly in the early 90s straight into the recession/Gulf war era :( .

Perhaps if it hadn't been for this, it would have stood a good chance,certainly at LGW.

Excellent airline , Excellent times . . . .

Good to see Air Europa (Espana) and Air Europe (Italia) still flying the skies.