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15th May 2002, 20:11
Reuters Company News
Alaska Air plane makes emergency landing in L.A.

LOS ANGELES, May 15 (Reuters) - An Alaska Airlines flight en route to Mazatlan, Mexico from Los Angeles with 102 people on board turned back and made an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday after pilots detected unspecified mechanical problems, an airline spokesman said.

Alaska Air Flight 212 landed without incident at 11:45 a.m. (1445 EDT), Alaska Air spokesman Jack Evans said. No injuries were reported. Passengers were promptly rerouted to another flight, Evans said.

The Boeing MD-80 had been flying about an hour when the pilot reported feeling a "vibration" south of San Diego and decided to turn back to Los Angeles, Evans said.

The pilot felt the plane "was not acting the way he wanted it to act," Evans said, and he wanted to get it on the ground for a maintenance check rather than continue on to Mazatlan. Although he declared an emergency in order to get priority landing status, the pilot did not perceive an immediate danger, Evans said.

"The issue was better to turn around the plane and board these passengers on another flight," Evans said.

Airline officials were investigating the problem and had no other information Wednesday. A spokesman for the airport said the Alaska Air pilot radioed air traffic controllers to report that he detected a "flight control problem," which seemed to indicate a possible equipment problem

Anybody have any more info?????