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8th Oct 2001, 00:34
News of more announcements this week, possibly another 3000 jobs to go mostly management (not before time )

web page (http://www.guardian.co.uk/airlines/story/0,1371,564792,00.html)

The Guvnor
8th Oct 2001, 00:47
At the Routes conference a couple of weeks back, the whisper was that a total of 20,000 jobs would be likely to go worldwide at BA - but that they would be phased in so as not to alarm either the markets or the 'troops'.

8th Oct 2001, 00:52
cutting jobs is expensive & comes at a time when airlines are deperate not to spend anything - many airlines are caught between a rock and a hard place on this one :(

Norman Stanley Fletcher
8th Oct 2001, 00:58
Guvnor - who on earth are you? I can barely look at a single thread without your name appearing along with a supposed opinion/insight/understanding etc. Do you have a job? Do you do anything other than stare at PPRUNE all day? I am concerned to see some bloke with delusional tendancies pronouncing forth on countless issues. I personally am about to abandon PPRUNE because it has become gradually taken over by people like yourself. Is there anyone out there who actually knows what is happening or are we reduced to listening to the tragic rantings of the insane, mislead, deranged and distressed?

8th Oct 2001, 01:10
Would not suprise me if around 15000 - 20000 BA jobs are lost in total, with the bulk being office or admin staff or (JobDiscription) executives as most postitions are known.

BA will struggle to survive this if it retains its postition as one of the leading companies in the highest number of total staff per a/c leagues.

Also BA will not do the books any favours if it then immediatly hires (not employs) former managers as consultants.

8th Oct 2001, 02:29

I totally agree. I have been reading PPRune since its early days but it is being progressively taken over by armchair experts and doom-mongers to the point where it is just not worth waiting for it to load onto the screen.

These people take delight in posting anything they can find - bankruptcy, air accidents, suicide, any bad news or forecast they can find and then give the most incredible insider information on the subject. And there is not a shred if evidence to back it up.

Danny & Co, free speech is a wonderful thing but your web-site is going off the boil because of these people.

The Guvnor
8th Oct 2001, 02:37
Carpe - burying your head in the sand won't make all the bad stuff go away! I'd recommend my personal philosophy which tends to work well at a time like this - plan for the worst but hope for the best.

As part of that planning, you need as much information as possible out there. Perhaps you'd care to trawl the net looking for some upbeat aviation stories that don't feature the low cost boys? Goodness knows, I've looked - but can't find anything.

Whilst I can't speak for anyone else I can assure you that I do my utmost to ensure the veracity of anything that I post and if it's erroneous then I will delete or edit it.

8th Oct 2001, 02:50
Be very wary guys. Your illustrious leader is very good at slashing, burning and running. Leaves the company looking good in the short term and in a whole lot of crap in the long term.

The Zombie
10th Oct 2001, 02:49
Be very wary guys. backspace

Ok, so we were already now what ?

Sh*t seems to be happening alot at the moment. Just where do we go from here ?

Can it all get worse or are we reaching the maggots at the bottom of the tub. It can always get worse but IMHO the turn will come before too long.

But the only 19 years in the business what do I know for sure !

ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz........ :confused:

Ed Roddington
10th Oct 2001, 22:18
At the risk of going off the subject completely, I'd like to issue a challenge to the Guvnor:
how about you not making any posts on Pprune for a month. I don't think you could, but I'll be very impressed if you can resist for that long.
Who knows, the site might even speed up a bit without all the Guvnor's pearls of wisdom.

Edited to say that you are allowed one post, to accept the challenge.
Roll on 10 November, 1823Z

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10th Oct 2001, 22:30
Norman , Carpe and Ed, couldn't agree with you all more, he must scan the net all day looking for something to satiate his thirst for aviation news - more often than not BAD aviation news.

He seems almost thrilled by the terrible news at EI :mad: :mad: (see his post).

I agree with your challenge, but could it not be one YEAR and not one month??? :D

Then the real aviation guyz can get on with it :D