View Full Version : Long brief (lecturette) on Renewal Test

17th Oct 2013, 15:56
I am looking for any tips or recommendation wrt to the long brief (lecturette) which is part of the renewal test for the Flight Instructor rating.

Whilst confident with pre flight briefing and (I think) quite knowledgeable on the technical side this is an area of the test where I am unsure what is really required.

Is it best to turn up with a long brief already prepared?

Thanks for any help.

17th Oct 2013, 17:16
Same as the initial, the examiner will likely give you the long brief topic in advance so you can prepare any board notes or whatever, then you just brief away.

The typical topic I was given was factors which affect the stall speed, but you could equally be expected to give a brief on any topic, some other examples I've heard of are overhead joins, different types of airframe/intake icing, PFLs, the list is probably endless.

A long brief is typically planned for 20-30 mins, and on my initial and subsequent renewal the examiner cut me off after about 10 mins, said they got the jist of where I was going, asked a few follow up questions, and we moved on.

Ex Oggie
18th Oct 2013, 01:23
The actual requirement is 30 to 40 minutes duration, and the subject will be given to the candidate not less than 2 days before the AoC.

18th Oct 2013, 19:51
My last revalidation long brief was on Threat and Error Management. Seems like a popular subject right now.