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17th Oct 2013, 15:32
Hi learned ones,

Under LASORS 2010 Sec E3, a JAR-FCL CPL(A) holder was credited with 10 hours flying towards the training requirements of the IMCr and valid CPL/ATPL theory credits exempted the applicant from the ground examination, provided the IMCr application was submitted within 36 months of the end of the month of the final examination.

CAP 804 makes no such statements regarding credits for the IMCr/IR(R) (not that I can find at least).

Anyone have any ideas as to the current status quo?

Many thanks. :)

17th Oct 2013, 23:26
Probably because it isn't recognised by EASA it's a national rating administered at national level.

One would like to think that the credit that existed prior to the implementation of the aircrew regulation would still be accepted as the rating is being treated as it was although I cannot say for sure.

18th Oct 2013, 07:15
I would like to think the same, Nick, but the last thing I want is for the guy (who wants to do the IMCr) to do the 5 (or so) hours training then submit his application, only to have it rejected by some admin wallah who can only 'see' Part-FCL. :rolleyes:

I suppose we'll have to try and get a 'concrete' answer from 'them'!

18th Oct 2013, 07:53
The IMC rating requires a specific amount of unapproved training. Any approved training can be verified and therefore there is nothing to prevent that "experience" being counted towards the total required.

The holder of a BCPL (defunct since Sept 2012) now has a UK National CPL (Art 82A) which includes the inbuilt IMC privileges (Schedule 7). (b) any United Kingdom Basic Commercial Pilotís Licence (Aeroplanes), other than a
licence referred to in sub-paragraph (a), is deemed to be a United Kingdom
Commercial Pilotís Licence (Aeroplanes);

(c) any JAA Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) that is endorsed to the effect that
the licence does not fully comply with JAR-FCL is deemed to be a United
Kingdom Commercial Pilotís Licence (Aeroplanes);

18th Oct 2013, 08:44
Tipping the question on it's head, PART-FCL appendix 3 E.12.c states a course completion certificate for a BITM credits upto 10 hours against the I/F time required for the CPL course.

Does the holder of an IMCr or IR(R) qualify as having completed the BITM and therefore qualify for this credit? ... references would be nice

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18th Oct 2013, 10:13
The credit available is specifically for completion of the Basic Instrument Flight Module and not for completion of an amount of instrument flight instruction. The IMCr course is not the Basic Instrument Flight Module and, therefore, does not attract the credit.

18th Oct 2013, 10:54
The first question would be whether the 10 hours IF training under the JAR-FCL CPL(A) syllabus in 2002 count as a BIFM (with a certificate of such being obtained from the original FTO), or is the BIFM a strictly EASA thing, with no credits available for previous pre-"EASA Nightmare" training? Methinks the latter!

The next question would be whether that BIFM may be credited towards the IMCr.

FGS!! :rolleyes: followed by :ugh:

18th Oct 2013, 14:17
No BIFMs were approved in 2002 so the answer is no. As I stated above, the IMCr is an unapproved course so any formal instrument training should be countable towards it.