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8th May 2002, 09:23
Can anyone inform me re: 737-200 type rating- I am trying to establish the workload for the 2 week ground school and the 3 week sim that I am soon to start. Any Help and Advice would be most appreciated. Thank you

Ps: would anyone recommend a pre study before starting the course

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8th May 2002, 21:01
Not sure I understand the question. But I wuv the -200 so you know I'm already sick. Two weeks ground school to go through the whole manual will relate to 12 days at 8 hours, independent study will be an additional 3-4 hours per night. You are looking at 12 hour days. Also, if you thought about starting a new relationship at groundschool - donít, youíll need extra sleep to assimilate the new material. Overall youíre looking at a schedule that is similar to finals week at a university. When at ground school remember to start learning flows and immediate action items during down time (which you won't have a lot of).

Three weeks for flight training assuming you do not have previous experience on type will be a good pace and you wonít feel so hassled. If possible it is much nicer to take the oral when finished with the ground portion so you can concentrate on the flying, if that is an option for you. You will need some rest and recreation; this will probably take the form of drinks with classmates, soaking in the hot tub, etc. but donít neglect the importance of ďmaintaining an even strainĒ.

Home study is something I advocate regardless, itís like money in the bank, you canít have too much. If you have the manuals, start by getting familiar with them, write down the limitations on queue cards and memorize them. Trace out the hydraulic and electric system and be familiar with their organization. And so on. At first there seems like a lot, but like eating an elephant, it is one bite at a time.

Have fun, I had some of the best weeks of my life learning that airplane, and that is why it will always be special to me.

Hope this was relevant