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15th Oct 2013, 13:08

Does anyone know where I can buy the VORTRACK in the UK? Never seen one, but they come highly recommended.



Nearly There
15th Oct 2013, 17:24
Did you try Transair? they sell them or they used to, although its only showing the stickers on their website....handy tool to have as you say.

15th Oct 2013, 18:46

Yeah, tried Transair. Emailed them and they said they no longer can sell it. Interesting working!

15th Oct 2013, 19:12
Isn't this almost the same thing?

Navigation Equipment | Plotters | NBP010 | BPC-1 Pooleys Baring Position Plotter (http://www.pooleys.com/prod_detail.cfm?product_id=146)

15th Oct 2013, 19:19
Couldn't say really as I've never seen the VORTRACK. Looking at this, it doesn't seem possible to set the radial on the VOR and draw a line from it as the rules are piloted from the centre. Looks great as a measuring dme device though

15th Oct 2013, 19:43
set the radial on the VOR and draw a line from it

Well, if that's what you want to do, I'd get one of these

Navigation Equipment | Plotters | NRN010 | RNP-1 (http://www.pooleys.com/prod_detail.cfm?product_id=143)

Although I prefer the AFE version myself. It has a hole in the centre of the VOR plotting circle, so I made a tiny hole in the centre of the VORs I was planning to plot from, broke up a paper clip and taped it behind so just a tiny bit was sticking through. This meant the plotting device would slot nicely onto the VOR and rotate freely, allowing a quick and accurate plot.

It is also then a full protractor, and scale rule as well.

16th Oct 2013, 19:30
I used to use these in the day when I only had a King KX155 (single VOR with flip-flop frequencies). They were invented by Gordon Wansborough-White (a sailor who lived on a barge, I remember) who used to use them to run the GNAV competition at White Waltham - so the present organisers of the competition might still have a supply or know where. Basically you fix a larger compass rose (self-adhesive) on top of the vOR on your map, clip press-studs through the centre (makes a whole in your map, but you leave the studs in), and then affix the arm on top. Dial up the VOR, swing the arm so the numbers line up with the radial the VOR says you were one - and you are on the line of the arm. If you've DME too, you read off exactly where you are along the scale (half-million maps of course). If no DME use two VORs and get perfect intersection. Very clever and the GNAV comp was based around what was a series of diversions planned in mid-air by using this gizmo. Hope you find it - it was a great invention for a basic avionic aircraft (pre GPS).

16th Oct 2013, 19:40
Just surfed to research and found old thread that Gordon died in 2005 - he was very old when I met him in early 90s. But also got reminded that GNAV competition transformed to TOPNAV - so that's the organisers you should try. Good luck.

Phil B
31st Oct 2013, 19:22
Hi Graham
I'm giving up flying and have such a thing hardly used!
pm if interested

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