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14th Oct 2013, 14:35
Just filled in an SRG1157 and looking to send it off, but no clue for the address, presume it is licensing and training at LGW, but why can't they just put something to confirm the correct location?

14th Oct 2013, 16:37
Pilots | Personal Licences and Training (http://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=175)

The address is on the website on the personnel licensing section on the bottom of the pilots page.

14th Oct 2013, 18:16
Well that's where I sent it, but my point is, why make it so hard to find!

14th Oct 2013, 19:18
You will be wanting them to fill the form in for you next......:p

14th Oct 2013, 20:14
Best to email them, you get a receipt that way.

14th Oct 2013, 22:56
Well how long have they been at that address? 20 years? 40? Surely you have it tattooed on your arm by now?

15th Oct 2013, 07:40
Best to email them, you get a receipt that way

But again, they do not tell you how to do that with the form signed and attached. I can do it, but do not want back "this is not an acceptable way of sending"

Well how long have they been at that address? 20 years? 40? Surely you have it tattooed on your arm by now?
Yes, but with all the changes that have been going on I wanted to check they had not changed this as well!

15th Oct 2013, 08:59
[email protected] seems to cover most things. Thereafter they seem to have a major problem retrieving data from the great electronic pot, but if they use the same search engine they have on their website its hardly surprising.

15th Oct 2013, 10:47
So do you photo the form and attach it?

15th Oct 2013, 14:49
Scan to pdf would be best,

I would probably send an original as well in the post to make sure.

15th Oct 2013, 16:26
Well I tend to use my iPad so easiest is to photo it and attach, just not sure if that is acceptable?

15th Oct 2013, 16:32
I scan to pdf and attach, jpegs are messy!

15th Oct 2013, 17:29
They will only accept a .pdf file. Apparently thats accepted as a legal document these days. A .jpeg is not.

15th Oct 2013, 17:41
I presume this IS all written down somewhere - this was exactly my point, we should not be finding this out here, but in an easy to find location on the CAA website.

15th Oct 2013, 19:08
Get an app that coverts photo to PDF if your using an iPad. Or just wait till you get home and scan to PDF.

I would always keep a scan PDF for myself as well as a paper copy, so just send them the PDF copy.

15th Oct 2013, 22:28
Address for the CAA?

Can't we rely on Dudley Moore for this?

16th Oct 2013, 05:55
The CAA managed to make a complete mess of the current forms to the extent that they are having to redesign them all. Maybe they are being a little more cautious this time in an attempt to do a better job and prevent the World running out of trees and blue ink. Rumor has it the new forms will be for online completion however; they need to be aware that in many cases the compiler does not have a connection when completing forms.

The instructions have been very poor on the current batch and even the CAAs request for individuals to keep them advised of address changes contained a defunct address for the CAA dept you had to notify!

16th Oct 2013, 10:04
Some of the airlines have gone completely electronic filing of paper work.

So when the pilots/examinors do there LPC they don't have to fill anything out or sign it.