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homesick rae
11th Oct 2013, 10:18
Hi There,

Does anyone know if there is a central database where I can check if someone had flying lessons (Shoreham)? Rather than contact all the schools I just wondered if there was a less time consuming route?

Many thanks.


11th Oct 2013, 10:31
No there is not.

homesick rae
11th Oct 2013, 12:21
Ok....I would assume the CAA have records?

11th Oct 2013, 12:45
Nope they are meant to get sent them if the school closes down. But a lot of places they are just dumped in an office and it can be a right bitch to get access to them to get them to be sent to the CAA.

If you are lucky one of the instructors will stick them in their car and take them home and send them on once most of the locals have transferred to another school. Strictly this isn't legal but is actually the best outcome.

Some legal types see them as an asset from the school with value and try and extract some value from them. And it can take the CAA to get involved to get them back.

After you have completed some ones course I think the school needs to hold onto them for 5 years and then they can dispose of them. And the CAA will never see them unless the pilot has an incident.

11th Oct 2013, 14:05
Under UK law there was no requirement to keep any records at all for non commercial training. Things are now changing under EU law but a school probably won't give you the information unless you have a bona fide reason for requesting it.

11th Oct 2013, 15:52
Whats up with looking at the logbook or are you spying on someone?

11th Oct 2013, 21:03
More than likely in this new bollocks that they can't sign the course complete without establishing that the claimed hours are correct.

If they don't they get taken to court and put through the mill.

12th Oct 2013, 09:15
Nope, when I sign the course completion certificate I verify the logbook entries and our own training records.

For a course beyond PPL level the training has all to be done with us anyway. At PPL level we can accept previous log book hours direct from the logbook.

You know as well as I do that we know the experience of a PPL student from flying with them so Parker hours are no value and we know the penalties for them anyway.

So I can't understand the original posters question unless they are trying to catch out someone.