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9th Oct 2013, 18:57
I have a bit more than 200 hours flight instruction time and am looking to extend my FI certificate to include the authorization to give course for the CPL.

Looking at EASA the only requirement is to have 200 hours flight instruction. There is no requirement to follow a course at an ATO or do an AoC.

However looking at the CAA form SRG1133, it does ask to have an ATO filled in the course completion certificate.

Also for the required doc at the end of the doc, it states that for all change to a FI certificate it needs the AoC report.

Anybody who has done it lately know he actual procedure?

Send an email to gatwick but I can hope to have an answer by Christmas 2014....

9th Oct 2013, 22:37
Does your school provide the CPL?

I'm pretty sure it's done through an ATO as an internal process and then added to the FI cert.

Level Attitude
10th Oct 2013, 00:48
FI certificate to include the authorization to give course for the CPL
Semantics I know, but:
An ATO is authorised to give CPL courses. An FI, who is entitled to
instruct for the CPL, may instruct on these courses.

To instruct for the CPL an FI must have a CPL themselves (and therefore
a Class 1 Medical) and be entitled to instruct CPL students.

Part-FCL says that once an FI has 200 hours of instruction they meet
the requirements to instruct for CPL (don't even need to be "un-restricted").

To gain the entitlement the FI would need to apply to the CAA for
their rating to be endorsed for CPL instruction.

As no course, nor assessment of competence, is required I would just put
N/A in those sections of SRG1133 - a form designed (without thought) for
all possible instructional privileges.

An FI entitled to instruct for the CPL can only do so within an ATO
according to their approved course - Therefore an ATO will/should
conduct some standardisation training with the FI before they actually
instruct any CPL students.

10th Oct 2013, 06:04
Thanks Level Attitude,

That's what I thought but Gatwick has not made it simple.
But are you sure a restricted FI could give CPL course even if he has 200 hours flight instruction?

Nick, yes there is a standardization cours but that's only for within the ATO, nothing to do with EASA FCL.

10th Oct 2013, 07:21
A restricted FI cannot instruct for the CPL. See FCL.910.FI(a)