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Ken Westcott
29th Sep 2013, 11:02
Hi all

I am currently an out of work UK commercial pilot the wrong side of 40. Total time over 1750 hours with more than 650 hours multi-crew. I converted my frozen ATPL to EASA earlier this year. I am rated on the A320 and C560XL. Due to personal circumstances I have not flown in 18 months. A320 is current as is my class 1 but XL rating lapsed April 2011. Only have a few hours ferry time on the A320.

I am looking at the possibility of doing an A320 TRI course but without much experience I appreciate it is going to be very tough. I am a former instructor with a lapsed FI(A). I understand that I may be exempt from the core course.

However, it has been 6 years since I instructed (FI rating lapsed 2009) so I have been out of the training mode for a while. Would a core course with emphasis on the A320 benefit me as a stepping stone to the type specific TRI?

Is it 1500 hours total time or 1500 hours MPA for entry onto a type specific TRI? If it's 1500 MPA I am properly stuffed!

On a separate note, I am now finding it almost impossible as a freelance pilot to renew my LPC for the C560XL.

Any pointers most grateful!

29th Sep 2013, 16:32
As far as I am aware the requirements are 1500 hrs MPA and 30 route sectors on type in preceding 12 months although with out looking at Part FCL I cannot be sure.

What are your plans with the TRI certificate?

Just looked, the above is correct so you wouldn't have experience to do the course.

Ken Westcott
29th Sep 2013, 19:14
Yeah found out myself thanks.

11th Oct 2013, 15:08
And, what do you want to teach then? After a few ferries you should be able to train new captains on type, no? And the training of ab initio F/O 's on line as an LTC should not pose any problems either.