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The Piano Man
23rd Sep 2013, 19:28
Hi, Iím trying to find reference to the criminal convictions that will show up on disclosure and therefore prevent the issue of an Airside Pass.

Any help much appreciated.

23rd Sep 2013, 20:28
I'll be kind and merely point out that it took < 5 minutes using Google to find this link:


Hope it helps.

30th Sep 2013, 18:42
Also been covered on :

6th Oct 2013, 16:51
So am I right in saying:

I could be a criminal (or ex-criminal) and hire an aircraft from an unlicensed airfield and fly into Glasgow and be airside without having an airside pass.

But if I wanted to clean the aircraft toilets for a living, rather than be on the dole, I couldn't?