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13th Sep 2013, 10:40
Thought this was rather usefull, full set of briefs by the NZ CAA
CAA Flight Instructor Guide (http://www.caa.govt.nz/fig/index.html)

13th Sep 2013, 19:19
Very good.

Couldn't imagine anything this useful coming from UKCAA or EASA!

More interested in .

Mickey Kaye
13th Sep 2013, 20:48
Yes I have to agree they are very good.

Big Pistons Forever
15th Sep 2013, 18:18
The Transport Canada "Flight Instructor Guide" is available as a free download on the TC web site. It is not as flashy as the NZ version but IMO is an excellent resource for instructors. I use it extensively when I teach the FI rating.