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3rd Sep 2013, 06:18
Hopefully another quick one....

The UIK FEH states to preserve the original expiry date of a rating it can be revalidated within three months of the original expiration date.

Can anybody point me to FCL/ORA/ARA chapter and verse on this as I can seem to find the actual EASA regulation.



3rd Sep 2013, 06:43

An IR shall be revalidation within the 3 months immediately preceding the expiry.


(a) and (b) for MEP and SEP:

Pass a proficiency check......within the 3 months immediately preceding the expiry date of the rating.

3rd Sep 2013, 07:35
That was another ANO error. When JAR-FCL came in, there was no 3 month requirement for revalidation by experience however; the 3 month requirement for revalidation by test was mixed up with the revalidation by experience requirement and the non existent 3 months appeared in the ANO when it was amended. As Part FCL copied the requirement from JAR-FCL I don't believe there is any such requirement for revalidation by experience, so it could be anytime in the last year. The 3 months relates to prof checks.

3rd Sep 2013, 07:58
I found these references and although the inference and common sense (in EASA?) is that you preserve the original expiry it doesn't specifically state that.

I was kind of hoping for some clarity...silly me!

Thanks chaps