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1st Sep 2013, 12:29
Many American Pilots have been taught to fly by Joseph A. Costa (1909-1998).
He was a instructor in Corning, NY, USA, having founded the still existing Costa Flight School.


More on Joe Costa.. (http://earlyaviators.com/ecosta1.htm)

He was true pioneer having once attempted to cross the "pond" to Madeira Island Portugal where he was born in a Lockheed Vega, back in 1937.

I am from Madeira Island as he was, and he is a distant relative from me.

I met his grand-niece, and she passed me a huge archive of papers about his Brazil trip and other feats in the US.
He is the pride of the whole family and she wanted to have someone disseminating his heritage, and to know more about his aviation history.
They don't speak english so asked me to follow-up with some research.

Their whole familiy kindly appreciates anything you may add to the materials online, and contacts with other US pilots etc.

Thank you

Josť Freitas