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4th May 2002, 02:44
In designing the lighting system of a 3D scale 737 I am wondering about the exact number and positions of external lights on the 737-400.

My understanding is there are:

2 Anticollision Beacons (one top, one bottom)
1 Fixed white lights, 1 white strobe, each trailing wingtip
(are these white lights called anticollision or markers?)
1 red position light port wing tip, 1 green position starboard
1 white position strobe aft fuselage
3 taxiway lights (nose, and each wing faring)
2 vertical stabalizer logo lights.
3 wheel well lights


Are there also strobes on the red/green position lights?
Are the white wingtip position lights steady, strobe or both?
Is the aft position light strobe, steady or both?
Any lights I missed?

Thanks for any insight or links to tech drawings. Anyone tell me why SWA disabled their tail light? Also, I understand their landing lights "flash". Do they go completely off or just flash?

Thanks again,


4th May 2002, 06:12
* each nav-light port is comprised of 2 lights, one fwd one aft (redundancy)

* the stab logo lights are located at each main wing-tip aft

* 4 wheel-well lights total: 2 flood lights and 2 gear inspection lights

* white aft stab-tip nav lights (if fitted) are fixed and dont flash

* some 737s have a single rudder-strobe fitted

* yes strobes are located on the red/green position lights forward of the respective forward nav-light

* wing-ilumination lights located on the fuselage just forward of the leading-edges

* inboard landing lights located in the same housing as the runway-turnoff (taxi) lights

* outboard landing lights located on the 3rd (furthest outboard) flap-fairing. They extend out of and retract into this fairing.

* 1 nosewheel-bay flood light located on the bays forward wall, and one inspection-light located above the nose-gear assembley

And if your pedantic:

2 emergency exterior flood-lights located on both sides of the fuselage just aft of the main wing trailing edge, abeam the first closest inboard flap fairing (these lights are through the emergency-lighting system).

4th May 2002, 06:28
So, if I understand you correctly:

The Nav-lights consist of:
1 fwd, 1 aft wing tip in fixed white (for redundancy)
(or did you mean that each "light" has two bulbs?)

So say the port wing tip to down view:


W = A White Strobe, R = Red Position Light
w = A white fixed nav light
s = stab logo light illuminating the stab

Are the strobes co-located with the red/green pos lights red & green? or just white strobes too?

Thanks for your input.


4th May 2002, 06:52
Down view left wing:

common 1 unit housing. Yes each nav-light has 2 bulbs, with a single strobe-light in between them. If say you want to replace any of these lights you remove the same single common glass-housing that covers all 3 of them -

(fwd Red)--------------------------------Engine
(white-flashing strobe)---------------
(aft red)----------------------------------

------------------------leading edge of wing------------------
strobe <--------------- 1 unit housing
------------------------trailing edge of wing-------------------
[] <------ logo light mounting attached to aft wingtip
[] <------ location of logo light itself (shines sideways, backwards, and up onto fin)

6th May 2002, 09:02
some other lights which may only be specific to our aircraft but i wouldnt have thoght so include - small circular escape slide illumination lights just aft of all 4 main deck doors approx half way up height of door, between the 2 overwing hatches on the -400 there is an escape light which is just above the lower edge of the hatch sills. I am not 100% sure but am fairly postive there is alos a leading edge/engine insp light fwd and above the wing root at the leading edge - i will check this this afternoon and get back to you.

Hope this is of some help

6th May 2002, 09:07
Sorry Slasher, i've just re-read your post and yup - those l/e illum lights are there!!:)

10th May 2002, 16:05

when i was flying ezy i was sitting parrallel with the trailing edge of the wing, when takeoff and landing i noticed small circular lights coming down for t/off and landing at the far end of the wing attached in a hanging position, what are they, are they extra landing lights, is this on all a/c, or just ezy policy


10th May 2002, 21:08
captainmacuk read the 9th item on my first post.

18th May 2002, 05:50
I'd really love a close up of the wingtip lights including the logo light if possible.

Anyone having one, can email <[email protected]>


18th May 2002, 12:37
Several wingtip photos are available at www.b737.org.uk/wingtips.htm and description of lights at http://www.b737.org.uk/aircraft_general.htm

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