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7th Aug 2013, 23:27
I have read CAP804 and Standards doc 14 but can't seem to get a proper grip on exactly what is required here.

I currently hold an (EASA) MPA-IR for a SP Aircraft being operated MP. I also hold a current/valid SPA-IR-ME/SE.

What EXACTLY must I do to keep the SPA-IR-ME valid? I have been reading about cross crediting but do not fully understand it (even with the help of the flow chart in stds doc 14 :( ). I believe it mentions credits given for section 3a (I think... the Instrument section anyway) and that I also need to do 3 IFR departures and arrivals within the previous validity period.

With reference to the info on cross crediting saying something along the lines of the aim of it is to keep the amount of IR LPCs down to a minimum, does that mean that when I revalidate my MPA-IR on my next OPC, I can get the TRE to revalidate my SPA-IR provided I have done 3 IFR arrivals and departures? I assume that they need to be done on a MEP?

Thanks for any clarification.

8th Aug 2013, 06:39
Basically yes,

When you do your LPC not OPC (OPC does not revalidate type or IR) assuming that you have done 3 IFR departures and arrivals on the type/class then your SPA ME/IR can be revalidated as far as your validity period on your MP IR. the credit is for section 3b, now what I think you need to do is the 3 IFR departures under single pilot ops in order for it to count as revalidation requirement for SPA IR. The other issue is you still need to fly section 6 for a MEP IR which is pretty much an IR LPC anyway so the credit isn't that useful imo.

8th Aug 2013, 09:46
I may have got a little mixed up here with LPC/OPC but let's see.

Without looking it up section 6 would be asymmetric stuff? My MPA IR is currently on a single pilot aircraft operated as multi crew.

Now, I am relatively new in my company (approx 4 months) and as far as I am seeing it we get our MPA-IR type revalidated on every other OPC. We have an annual LPC which is done on a line flight with one of about 6 line training captains, some of whom are not CRI/TRI or CRE/TREs.

Now getting back to section 6 and the SPA IR. If I do my normal OPC (assuming I haven't had some strange vision above and I am describing it correctly), I will have my MPA-IR revalidated on every other OPC (2/yr). Seeing as these are single pilot aircraft, I assume I could then complete section 6 with the examiner removed from his previous multi crew duties and this would satisfy everything?

Cross crediting on a MP type (let's say a 738) then I assume you can only get away with revalidating a SPA-IR-SE because while 3b still credits, there would be no need for section 6?

The joys of legislation and trying to wade through it when you are unfamiliar.

Please let me know how wrong I have it so I can learn!

8th Aug 2013, 10:08
OPC has nothing to do with Licencing action, a line training captain cannot revalidate a type or IR if they are not an examiner. The type and IR is valid fr 12 months therefore you will revalidate evey alternate check by LPC with an examiner.

To cross credit your MP IR to SPA ME privileges you will need to have done an LPC and 3 IFR departures on the type (single or multi pilot I'm not sure) and do section 6 in single pilot ops which is the assymetric stuff if you want single pilot ME privileges.

If you are not wanting ME privileges then section 3b is cross credited. Now if its the IAA you are licenced with then the SEP class rating LPC must be done in order to get the cross credit which means that you might as well do the IR LPC anyway.

It's confusing!

8th Aug 2013, 10:14

Thank-you I am cleared up on the cross crediting bit. It has however demonstrated a misunderstanding (or lack of understanding) on my part about the OPC and LPC. As I said before, the company has numerous line training captains who are not examiners. These captains do our LPCs (I might add here that they are referred to as Line Proficiency Checks by operations) once each year. We also have 2 or 3 TREs and they do the OPC 2x/year and revalidate our type on every other OPC. Is this issue merely a bit of a misleading branding by our operations team who have maybe got some terms mixed up? Or am I COMPLETELY missing something obvious?

Thank-you again so much for your clarification so far it's much appreciated.

8th Aug 2013, 11:20
Yes LPC as you put it would normally be called a Line Check which is different to the LPC as Licence Proficiency Check which involves Licencing action for the revalidation of the type and IR.

The OPC is a company (part Ops) requirement valid for 6 months and must be done by a CRE/TRE. Every 12 months you will do a combined LPC/OPC with an examiner to revalidate the type and IR on your licence. The type and IR as I said are valid for 12 months and will be indicated so and signed by the examiner in your licence.

Does that help?

8th Aug 2013, 11:23
I think there is still some confusion. Your line training captains cannot do your LPC or OPC. They can only do your annual line check (ALC). A TRE is required to conduct your LPC. An LPC is required once a year for private or commercial ops. An OPC is required twice a year for commercial operations only and is conducted by a TRE. An ALC or OPC is not needed for private operations.

The clue is in the name. LPC is a License Proficiency Check, i.e. the bit that makes you license valid when its signed by the TRE. OPC is an Operator Proficiency Check and is not signed on your license but only in the operators internal paperwork.

Hope this helps

9th Aug 2013, 00:14
Thank you both!

Confusion cleared up. Caused primarily by ops team using the term 'LPC' for 'Line Proficiency Check' as opposed to the more usual Licence Proficiency Check. All goes as you have both stated.

At least now I know I can revalidate my SPA-IR-ME by doing the L(icenc)PC for the MPA-IR and then doing sections 6 as SP. Very good.

Appreciate the help guys, sorry for being a bit slow on that one!