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7th Aug 2013, 13:25
Hello all.

Worth a post in this forum I think. I require a CRMI Examiner to observe a CRM initial in the UK. Before I go handing an absurd amount of money to the CAA for one of theirs, does anyone know any freelance CRMI's that may be able to help?


9th Aug 2013, 11:11
Do you need a CRMIE to examine for an initial CRMI ground qualification? Or just a normal two day CRM course?

There are three major providers in the uk but your looking at about 600 to 700 for the observation of your test.

Google CRMI course and they will be able to provide examiners.

11th Aug 2013, 14:53
Hi. Thanks for your reply. It's to observe an Initial CRM for the accreditation of CRMI.


11th Aug 2013, 15:11
Global or Atlantic training support are worth a try.

12th Aug 2013, 21:52
Try Dianne Wurby? at Global