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6th Aug 2013, 14:48
Hello Folks,

did anyone know if there is a regulation under EASA saying you are only allowed doing your LPC in a Flight Simulator for JAR 25 aircrafts?
Or is it still possible doing the LPC on the plane?
I have a UK CAA license with C550 type rating.
Many thxs!!!

6th Aug 2013, 15:23
Appendix 9b still has the option on the report form for checking in an aircraft however I would imagine with the cost of doing it in an aircraft it's not worth it. I think there is a line in the regulation stating the a FFS shall be used when available.

6th Aug 2013, 16:04
Checked! And is it still possible to do the LPC with a foreign/not UK CAA TRE?
I have heard they need to be registered by the UK CAA to do LPCs on UK licenses.

6th Aug 2013, 18:41
Appendix 9 states, "Full flight simulators and other training devices, when available, shall be used, as established in this Part". The UK has interpreted this as requiring that if a simulator is available it must be used - just shows the danger of poor punctuation. The critical thing is the definition of 'available' and this is determined by reference to IN 2012-155. While the PC (not LPC) may be conducted in an aeroplane, the TRE must report to the UK CAA why it was not done in a FSTD (i.e. one was not 'available' as defined in the IN).

A TRE certified by another EU member state may conduct the PC but must first obtain a briefing from the UK CAA. This is available on-line and is, for the moment, free of charge. There is no registration process for the conduct of proficiency checks but a TRE must be designated by the Authority to conduct a Skill Test.

7th Aug 2013, 07:24
Many thxs, that helps much! Can you tell me where I find all this information? Appendix 9 of what? Thank you again!!!

7th Aug 2013, 07:36
Appendix 9 of regulation 1178/2011, otherwise know as Part-FCL.


7th Aug 2013, 10:23
Actually, Appendix 9 of Annex 1 to Regulation 1178/2011. The Regulation itself does not have any appendices. This may seem over-pedantic but, regrettably, is necessary when dealing with the eurocracy.

7th Aug 2013, 12:06
My bad, long day with my head in the legislation scrambles the brains!