View Full Version : LAPL Syllabus

3rd Aug 2013, 08:57
Anyone seen a LAPL (H) Syllabus yet?:ok:

md 600 driver
3rd Aug 2013, 09:11
All i know it has to be done at a ATO and their are not many of them

3rd Aug 2013, 15:14
Yes, AMC1 FCL.110.H on page 68 of this document (https://www.easa.europa.eu/agency-measures/docs/agency-decisions/2011/2011-016-R/AMC%20and%20GM%20to%20Part-FCL.pdf). Pretty much the same as the PPL(H) except no IF and less cross-country. The exercise numbering is different from the PPL(H), which is a typical piece of pointless eureaucratic stupidity.

6th Aug 2013, 18:50
My problem is like everyone else, what EASA puts in writing is not how the CAA will interpret it, they all ways put their own little spin on it.
So until it is in a CAA document, going forward is nigh near impossible.:ugh: