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Level Attitude
2nd Aug 2013, 13:26
1) CRIs are only allowed to train for Class Ratings.
2) The LAPL does not contain Class Ratings

A CRI is not therefore entitled to instruct LAPL holders at all?

2nd Aug 2013, 15:14
Incorrect. A CRI may also teach differences training and that is still required on a LAPL.

2nd Aug 2013, 15:52
And also for the aerobatic or towing rating that may be attached to a LAPL

Level Attitude
2nd Aug 2013, 15:58
LAPL holders may well need/want differences or familiarisation training but
Part-FCL.905.CRI does not give CRIs stand alone privileges to conduct
such training.

Therefore such training can only be given by a CRI if it also falls within
their Class Rating instructional privileges (ie to Rating/potential Rating holders
and this, therfore, excludes training to LAPL holders)

I believe this is an unintended consequence of badly thought out/written
legislation especially given that, as it stands, it also means a CRI cannot
conduct the one hour instructional flight required for LAPL holders to
maintain their currency.

This Post crossed with BillieBob's
Agree Aerobatics/Towing can be taught to a LAPL holder by an appropriately
qualified CRI - I should have read Para 2 of Part-FCL.905

6th Aug 2013, 20:07
So lets get this straight:

LAPL holder flies c152 and wants to fly the PA28. Differences training must be done by an FI, as a CRI cannot conduct training for an LAPL holder.

PPL holder flies a c152 and wants to fly the pa28. Differences training can be done by an FI or CRI as its for an SEP rating holder?

ATPL holder has an expired SEP rating. If he wants to fly the pa28 under his inbuilt LAPL privileges then he must meet the recency requirements. The training can only be done by an FI as technically it's for the LAPL not the SEP.

Same as above except the holder wants to renew his SEP, a CRI may conduct the refresher training on the same aircraft type?

This also brings into play the CRE. As the CRE can only conduct PCs for the SEP rating (SE CRE) then the PC for the LAPL recency must be done by an FE.

Seems crazy to me but hey what do I know?

Level Attitude
7th Aug 2013, 00:49
Seems crazy to me but hey what do I know?
The reason I first posted is because if you take the regulations literally
then this would be true.

I would take the view that a CRI may Instruct any elements of a
Class Rating to any Licensed Pilot even if that Pilot will not/cannot
use that instruction for Class Rating issue, renewal or revalidation.

7th Aug 2013, 09:32
I shall put it to me competent authority and see what they are happy with. As I said it all seems a bit crazy.

Capt Pit Bull
7th Aug 2013, 09:59
competent authority

Good luck with that!

7th Aug 2013, 11:35
The Irish are actually really good, they respond in a day