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31st Jul 2013, 21:13
Always thought it was 23. Sure I saw something in some EASA document recently that it was 22 now, but I can't find that document again. Anyone enlighten me? Please don't tell me that it changed from 23 to 22 in 2000! Thanks.

1st Aug 2013, 07:50
The Exercise numbering is historic and dates back to the RAF numbering system. It was perpetuated by AOPA in their various syllabi and then by the CAA in CAP 528 the Commercial Flying Instructor's Guide. That document, last printed in 1987, gave Ex 20 Night; Exercise 21 Aerobatics; Exercise 23 Asymmetric Flight. 22 is not listed but was generally used as ME conversion (non asymmetric).

Now back in 2000 things did change! JAR-FCL never published any Exercise numbers above 19, but the old 20 series numbers tended to carry on. The EASA PPL syllabus goes to 19 and the Instructor syllabus to 20 but when you look at the ME CRI Course then Exercises are numbered 1 -5 where 1-4 are effectively the old 22 and Ex 5 is the old 23!

The CAA still publish CAP 601 dating back to 1999 where the Exercises are listed as F1-F6.

As all MEP training is conducted in accordance with an approved syllabus then you should use the numbers from that syllabus. If you are rewriting your syllabus I recommend you follow AMC to Part FCL.

6th Aug 2013, 21:18
Whopity, thank you for your most informative reply. Appreciated as ever.

7th Aug 2013, 15:44

Doesn't actually list the ME(P) exercise numbers it stops at 19.

If you search the exercise 22,23 you get helicopter related exercises.:ugh:

7th Aug 2013, 18:49
Each aircraft category has its own series of Exercise numbers, not to be confused with one another. The JAA largely adopted AOPA material but it was never completed; EASA has copied JAR material because it has no expertise of its own. The further you move away from the source material the more anomalies you will inevitably find.