View Full Version : Is a TRI = Check Airman?

26th Jul 2013, 08:35
Is a Type Rating Instructor designation (JAA/EASA) functionally the equivalent of a Line Check Airman designation (FAA)?

26th Jul 2013, 09:25
Not really,

A check airman in the UK is a Line training captain which is an operations qualification rather than a Licencing one. A TRI is an instructor and depending on the level of qualification they can teach either in the sim or on the aircraft or both.

A TRE is an examiner who will conduct checks for rating issue/renewal/revalidation in the sim(most likely).

26th Jul 2013, 13:58
The FAA issues a letter authorizing a pilot to be a Check Airman for an Air Carrier. There are three main boxes the FAA can tick. You can be a LCA, you perform PIC's yearly line checks looking for standardization. You would also give new hires and upgrading pilots Operating Experience (OE). You're a babysitter while the pilot starts applying what they learned in the schoolhouse to the real world. And the airline may have a proceedure for special airports where a Captain has to operate into the airport with a LCA before they can fly in on their own.

The other main boxes are Check Airman simulator and Check Airman airplane. They are futher broken down to what checks can be given and from which seats.

6th Aug 2014, 01:50
Sorry to resurrect an old thread but this is asking the same question I have. I was a simulator check airman on the A320 at my last U.S. company. I conducted recurrent and PIC upgrade Proficiency Checks (PCs), Cat 2/3 and RNP approach certification events, and also conducted initial and PIC upgrade simulator training sessions. I did not conduct type rating check rides (APD designation in the FAA 121 world).

When applying for overseas jobs would I put on my resume/CV/applications that I was a TRI, TRE or both on the A320?

I do have a copy of my check airman letter from the FAA to show that I did hold the check airman position.

Thank you!

9th Aug 2014, 22:02
As you are not a TRI or TRE you can't put that on your CV....... Bit like doing Parker pen hours isn't it?

You put what you actually held on your CV.

9th Aug 2014, 23:01
Agreed. If you were a simulator check airman on the A320 then just put that you were a simulator check airman on the A320. Anything else is untrue- a bit like logging time as the co-pilot on a single crew aircraft, or logging a short hop as a cross-country.