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25th Jul 2013, 18:47
"The investigation showed that it was possible for a passenger in the right side seat to push the elevator control transmission with their left foot, causing the aeroplane to pitch nose down. Such an action is compatible with a natural, comfortable posture for a person the size of the female passenger. The observations made suggest that the pilot was probably making an input on the elevator control wheel with two hands at the time of the accident. This attitude is consistent with that of a pilot trying to counter a pitch-down input.
It is thus possible that the accident was due to the female passengerís involuntary and undetected action on the elevator control system."

26th Jul 2013, 21:33
Reads a bit improbable, will try it tomorrow.
Looking at the profile of the flight did the pilot 'show off' to his passenger by pushing forward, negative G, she then braced her feet ready for another push forward. As he pushed the last time, she got her foot trapped?
If so nothing to grab except brace feet.

A and C
26th Jul 2013, 22:03
I think that you have a very good theory and would not discount it, the problem is that we will never know for sure.