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13th Jul 2013, 11:01
Dear all,

Following several e mails and telephone calls to the UK CAA with no response, I can delay no longer so ask the question to the community!

I am a UK FI/IRI/CRI(MEP) I also have a B200 type rating with the several thousand hrs etc etc.

Under the CAA and looking at Lasors, I understood that if I was employed by an ATO allowed to carry out B200 type ratings, as I am a CRI with the required B200 time etc, I would do there standards course and away I go.

I am currently in the process of applying for the EASA license and notice that now there is a TRI added to the license. To obtain a TRI (which is indicated on the license) you must of completed a course and exam.

My question is will I be issued a TRI automatically when being issued my EASA license?

I have read CAP804 etc, but any info, experiance on this matter would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Pull what
13th Jul 2013, 13:03
It seems pointless emailing the CAA about anything as it takes so long for a reply.

Does this help?

FAQ Answer | EASA Transition | Personal Licences and Training (http://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=2330&pagetype=70&gid=2134&faqid=1303)

13th Jul 2013, 15:32
Pull what, thanks. But not specific enough ref the TRI changes.

13th Jul 2013, 16:57
TRI CRI and Flight Instructors | Atlantic Training Support (http://www.atlantictrainingsupport.com/courses/tri-cri-and-flight-instructors/)

I would phone this lot up and they will tell you what you need to do. And what you are good for currently.

I suspect you will have to do the core course as well but they will tell you or have a direct line number to someone at the CAA that does know or is allowed to generate policy.

Guaranteed though they won't just let you have it especially as you don't have any grandfather experience. It will be bloody expensive if your paying for it yourself.

14th Jul 2013, 06:44
Thanks for the contacts, I will call. I am a CRI so have the core content and as I understood from lasors, I could instruct on the kingair?

14th Jul 2013, 07:42
Just ignore Lasors and only look at the latest CAP 804 and the original EASA documentation for FCL.

If you had got one course under your belt I suspect you might have got it on grandfather rights.

Single Pilot Complex Aircraft Instructor is going to be the sticking point. And I am pretty sure that your the first one to be asking about it. So as such there won't be any policy yet.

Normally you only get accredited with 25 hours ground school on the principles of learning for a mutlicrew core course for TRI for holding a FI. You still have to do the briefing and lecture stuff for your type.

As I said most of what I have written is pure personal opinion the only way your going to find out is by getting someone that has the phone number of someone that has a clue or can create policy and get them in the loop. The FCL minions in the office won't have a clue what your on about. I must admit its the first time I have heard of this Single Pilot Complex Aircraft Instructor rating but then again I am not working for a company that operates SPA TP twins any more.

14th Jul 2013, 08:56
If you were teaching for the Kingair historically then you will be granted a TRI under grandfather rights restricted to the type. If you have not been teaching for it previously then you will need to do a TRI course and the CRI does not give you any credit. You may have some difficulty in getting a TRI course at the moment as there has not been a rush of people submitting the approval for it.

I went through the same loop earlier in the year on conversion to Part FCL.

Black Jake
17th Jul 2013, 20:48

Try looking at CAA Information Notice 2012/146
IN-2012/146: Changes to Instructor and Examiner Qualifications for Single Pilot Aeroplanes | Publications | About the CAA (http://www.caa.co.uk/application.aspx?catid=33&pagetype=65&appid=11&mode=detail&id=5163)

If you were instructing on the Kingair as a CRI before EASA you should be issued with a TRI when you convert your JAA licence to an EASA licence.

All the best


20th Sep 2013, 16:49
Does anyone know where you can get a C525 TRI course (Ref CAP 804, FCL.930.TRI TRI - Training course (a) (2)? Grateful for any help - Thank you.

20th Sep 2013, 18:39
If there were such a course in the UK it would be in Standards Doc 31 (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/sarg_lts_Stds%20Doc%2031%20v112.pdf)