View Full Version : Alliance Air B737-200 Accident 17 July 2000

17th Apr 2001, 16:09
Received a Boeing message stating that the investigation into this accident is complete and may be viewed at http://www.civilaviation.nic.in/coi-fin/page1.htm

Mutt :)

village flyer
17th Apr 2001, 18:48
very simillar to gulf air 072, different A/C same result.....

17th Apr 2001, 19:28
It's difficult to believe that an experienced pilot with plenty of hours on the type could make such a fundemental error. Frightning actually!

18th Apr 2001, 01:39
Fate is the hunter, and he does not discriminate!!! A lot of good could come out of these two crashes. Maybe even the Indian hospital will get its morg. fridge working as it has been u/s since 1988.Allowable defect??

We will do the drill according to the amendments to the amendments I er think?

18th Apr 2001, 15:14
I think the pilots not adhering to the SOPs in this accident is not that they wanted to die. What should have been looked in to by court of enquiry is the culture in the organisation's operational management. If the airline's operation department is headed by the guys from the marketing, personnel or finance department then the result is obivious. I heard from one of my Indian friend that right from the inception of the company all people who don't know how to run an airline are fighting for the top job in the operation department of the company. I don't know how far it is right, I am told that the present boss of operation dept. is the biggest psycopath. He knows nothing except how to boot-lick the bosses and the people in the govt. I believe earlier there used to be a professional, who used to run this company but he has been eased off by the beaurocracy.

Certainly with this kind of culture in the company, I am sure the voilation of the SOPs will be free for all.

It is surprising that the court has not mentioned any thing about this aspect or may be like the typical asian culture the court also might have been stage managed that blame the pilot and save the company. This culture prevails in all the asian country like India, Pakistan, B. Desh, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal. Take the example of Learjet crash of Singapore airlines and 737 crash of Silk Air.