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10th Jul 2013, 11:33
Does anyone know where I can find a definition of LIFUS. I have searched all the documents an can only find that it is Line Flying Under Supervision, now I know that the practical ones amount us would understand that as line training but is it explained anywhere?


Jonny Rutten
11th Jan 2014, 11:14
LIFUS, as you mention, is the same as line training. LIFUS is an expression more and more commonly used within EASA. LIFUS, as abbreviated, ought to be conducted with the supervised pilot as part of a normal flight deck crew and supervised by a third, non-flying flight deck crewmember on the observer seat. LIFUS is briefly explained in NPA 2012-05 and in EU OPS 1.945 and Appendix 1 to OPS 1.450.

Don't ask me the reason why, but I reckon it's because someone has to justify his/her salary.:ugh: