View Full Version : easyJet now officially confirmed as the UK's second-largest scheduled airline

1st May 2002, 16:57
From their website.

easyJet was today confirmed as the second-biggest UK scheduled airline, following BMI British Midland's announcement of its passenger figures for 2001.

In the 12 months ending 31 December 2001, BMI British Midland carried 6.7 million passengers, down 5% on the year before. In contrast easyJet carried 7.7 million passengers in 2001 - up 28% on the year before.

Today's figures from BMI British Midland are further evidence in the shift of popularity in British and European aviation towards the low-cost airlines. While BMI British Midland produced an operating loss of 12 million for 2001, the low-cost airlines keep on reporting improved passenger and financial numbers.

The launch of bmibaby may prove popular, but the pressure will be on BMI British Midland to show next year that it has not sacrificed the parent airline for the sake of the child. The fad for traditional airlines launching low-cost offshoots is beginning to look like a continuation of the dot-com boom of two years ago - a flavour-of-the-month with emphasis placed on brand building and cash burn.

We'll take BMI British Midland's entry into the low-cost airline market seriously when they move out of Donington Hall and into a tin shed at East Midlands airport. Or perhaps they need such a big HQ for their 6,000 staff - by contrast, easyJet has only 2,000 staff.

1st May 2002, 19:34

Peter Skellan
1st May 2002, 19:55
For balance, BA



speed check
1st May 2002, 21:18
More like the "Latest" shedule airline !

2nd May 2002, 11:01
"For balance, BA



Looks like since November BAY has hugely outperformed the footsie 100. Stats eh, dontcha luv em?

2nd May 2002, 11:56
Looks like since November BAY has hugely outperformed the footsie 100. Stats eh, dontcha luv em?

Still hugely in debt though!

2nd May 2002, 18:44
Good on you easyJet. you go from strenth to strenth.

Long may you prosper!

Young Paul
2nd May 2002, 22:35
You may find that the cost of Don Hall is closer to that of Easyland than you might think. Land price is substantially lower, certainly.

Also, if not, property is a very good place to put extra money in good times, if you own the company.

3rd May 2002, 10:27
Bish owns DonHall & leases it back to bmi.
He can charge as much or as little as needs to be shown on the books.

3rd May 2002, 19:27
i understand that southwestern are expected to carry more px than united/american/northwest/delta COMBINED in 2002.

looks like ryan/easy/go have a big future....

3rd May 2002, 21:05
In all this about easyJet purchasing Go etc., the announcement that easyJet are launching a daily Gatwick to Athens flight (and adding frequencies to Nice, Barcelona and Malaga) seems to have been forgotten.

BTW, does anyone know anything about the rumours at easyJet are going to launch Liverpool and Geneva to Athens flights?