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1st Jul 2013, 05:33
I have a question regarding my FI renewal.

I did my initial JAA FI in 2008 (issued by the UK CAA), however in February 2011 I moved to the Middle East and had to convert my licence to a local licence (QCAA). During my time in the Middle East I didn't require my JAA FI, so it has now lapsed.

Can I just do a flight or do I have to do a seminar? The only reason I ask is that I am back in Europe for a few weeks this summer and would like to renew my FI. I would be grateful if anybody could tell me if it would be possible to do the flight/seminar in Spain as I will be there for most of the summer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

1st Jul 2013, 06:52
Nice to see you are still alive!!

You will need to do a seminar and a flight test. OnTrack or AOPA for the seminar. OnTrack could do the test as well or if you are near our place in Jerez I might be able to set something up for you.

Drop me an email.

1st Jul 2013, 15:20
Thanks very much for that - it'd be good to see you again. Preferably in Spain with a few cervezas! Will drop you an email shortly, just got to finalise a few other minor issues first.