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27th Jun 2013, 08:28
On June 20th, the German federal aviation authority LBA revoked the authorization of the TRTO IKON GmbH in Erlangen, near Nuremberg.

Apparently, there have been several cases of fraudulently recorded SIM trainings, landing trainings in the actual aircraft and check rides that never have taken place. They all involve the acquisition of the Bombardier Global Express (BD700) type rating.

As a holder of a Swiss pilot's license submitted his paperwork to get his TRI for the BD700, the Swiss authorities stumbled over discrepancies and notified the LBA.

For example, flights, that have been conducted with paying passengers onboard, were recorded as training flights with multiple approaches, low approaches and overshoots - the OFPs for the flights in question cannot be found any more...

On one day in July 2012, when a check ride has been recorded, neither the applicant nor the examiner actually were present.

In another example in October 2012, landing training involving the actual aircraft (BD700) was recorded at LOTB, an ICAO identifier to which the LBA couldn't associate an existing airport.

The LBA sums up that 'It has to assumed (...) that, in conjunction with the applicant, the instructor, the examiner and the chief flight instructor / accountable manager, the training records have been fabricated in a manner to leave the impression as if the training has been conducted in an orderly fashion.'

IKON wasn't available for a comment. The LBA's speaker was only able to confirm that IKON GmbH isn't an authorized training organization any longer.

Here's the link to an article in German:

aero.de - Luftfahrt-Nachrichten und -Community (http://www.aero.de/news-17728/LBA-deckt-Type-Rating-Skandal-bei-Flugschule-Ikon-auf.html)

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