View Full Version : UAL due to die soon.... CEO says ill have that to go

1st May 2002, 00:10
well its happening, the guy says i wont preside over a bankrupcy...


1st May 2002, 00:56
"Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated" Mark Twain I believe.

1st May 2002, 14:48
Do pilot contracts and union laws still hold in case of a Chap11 or 13 filing (Bankruptcy/restructuring). Can UAL just lay off ' as many employees as it deems necessary' or is there a provision for or against that.

2nd May 2002, 03:34
Translation: CEO Creighton is getting off the ship before it sinks.

Ignition Override
2nd May 2002, 03:46
The UAL Flight Attendants spokesman said that the FAs will not participate in any talks concerning wage concessions, according to a popular airline news website. I'm not with UAL, but have always been curious as to why the Flight Attendants there were not very interested years ago in having a seat on the Board of Directors, which would have cost the membership a bit of money (in exchange for stock?).

The pilots' MEC spokesman indicated that the pilots will participate in talks to lower costs, if the other unions take part also.

Big Tudor
2nd May 2002, 08:27
Shon 7

Not sure about agreements but I'm fairly sure there is federal protection to prevent a company from using Chap 11 to fire employees. Came about after the tactic was used at Continental in the '80's I believe. Very good book on airlines called 'Hard Landings' by Thomas Petzinger (sp?). Gives good info on the strife that a lot of US airlines went through in the '70's & '80's and the board versus the union battles. Frank Lorenzo doesn't come out of it very well though.

2nd May 2002, 13:46
All I know is that UA and AA are in the grip of unions who appear to be in it to squeeze as much out of the airline till it breaks, or another government handout props up the old war horse. The union has padded out the airlines with peopole it they dont need. case in point - wing walkers. Fully trained (and paid) engineers walking the planes out of the gate, to check they dont hit anything - all well and good. Until you relaise that all the gate employee's wotk for the company. Where as in most of Europe we have groups like serviceair who take care of all that, and more importantly compete. The quote below is from a column by a guy name joe his site is www.joesentme.com

When asked why they were losing out to Jetblue and Southwest, the senior exec said 'We arent in that business' How true, they are in the business of making money.


2nd May 2002, 14:16
The wing walking and power backs at my airline are done by the loaders.

2nd May 2002, 15:22
Sorry Jongar,

American Airlines uses the the same people who loaded the bags to park, pushback or powerback the aircraft. The mechanics get to do what they are trained to do, fix planes.

2nd May 2002, 20:45
Not denying that unions haven't done a lot of good for airline safety...for sure they are the reason that aviation can be a career instead of a death sentence but......the plot has been lost.....who can re-steer ALPO back to reality?:confused: :confused: or better yet the IAM which has cost many ALPO members their livelihood