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23rd Jun 2013, 19:22
I have a BGA gliding licence. I have an FAA commercial glider pilot certificate with a glider instructor rating. (I also have a German glider license, which will become an EASA license on its own, I believe.)

What is involved with getting a BGA instructor rating/certificate/licence/license or whatever it's called?

Then, what becomes of the BGA "piece of paper" as the transition to EASA takes place? (i.e., will instructors be grandfathered and be real EASA instructors across Europe?)

My wife and I are interested in moving back to Europe (UK or Germany) and trying to figure out how to convert her physical therapy license to a valid one and figure out some sort of job for me. Complicated but ultimately worth it.



24th Jun 2013, 11:49
Hi Terry

I would suggest you might get a start by looking at British Gliding Association >> Instructors (http://www.gliding.co.uk/bgainfo/instructors/index.htm) which is the BGA site referencing instructor training and courses.

25th Jun 2013, 21:24
Powerless and others:

From the BGA Laws and Rules, Part 5:

Holders of a non-BGA but BGA recognised and current gliding instructor rating must be tested by a BGA approved examiner prior to application to the BGA for an equivalent BGA instructor rating. A copy of the candidate’s non-BGA instructor rating should be attached to the application form.

Does anyone know about this test?


28th Jun 2013, 16:55
As suggested earlier take a look at the BGA website as the latest information will be in that.

If you go for a BGA rating it will depend upon whether you obtain a Full or Assistant rating as to the way forward into EASA land. Full Rated instructors will be issued with EASA Sailplane licences with instructor privileges whatever they might be called by the time it happens.

It might be that you may be asked to sit in on a BGA instructors course but this would depend upon the examiner, the type of instructor licence held, and your experience.

As an ex BGA Senior Regional Examiner I have never conducted a test such as is required but from experience of undertaking full rating tests on UK candidates I would suggest that it will take place over one or two days dependant upon the examiner (1 day is the norm).
There will be both flying and theory content.

The flying will probably consist of teaching a number of exercises as selected by the examiner and will be expected to be in BGA approved format and patter. It might be advisable to get hold of a copy of the BGA Instructors manual to familiarise yourself with the BGA patter etc. The examiner will probably also set up a test scenario with him playing the pupil - this may be for a Bronze badge or for some other authorisation but is down to the examiner on the day as to what is required. Note that launching will be by aerotow and winch - even instructors intending to operate at aerotow only sites require to be familiar with winch launching/ winch launch failures etc. as they might in the future move to a site which also or only winch launches.

Theory will be tested by verbal interview and will cover a range of topics such as theory of flight, meteorology, air law, etc. You will also be expected to prepare a 20 - 30 minute blackboard presentation/lecture on a subject again picked by the examiner.

In addition, since you will be new to the UK/BGA system, the examiner might expect you to complete the Bronze written test.

This is much as I am able to suggest at the moment but contact with the BGA is the best route forward.

Please note that this information is UK specific as Gliding is currently governed by the British Gliding Association and the requirements will be different for other European countries until such time as EASA licences are introduced.

27th Jan 2016, 09:43

I would like to ask info about the possibility to fly in Europe
with a FAA Glider CFI for recomendation flights towards GPL.
Please contact for your comments

27th Jan 2016, 14:24
With reference to the OP it should be pointed out that in the UK there are very few (and I mean not much more than a handful) of professional gliding instructors. Pretty much all instruction is done by unpaid volunteers.

28th Jan 2016, 06:03
Since this thread has been reactivated, a short update.

I have returned to Europe. I've been working in Germany since mid-November. I've been to the UK twice to fly. Once the weather did not cooperate, and once it did (See Soaring is incredible | Give it a try! (http://www.soarforfun.com) for more info/pictures.)

The Chief Flight Instructor at one of the locations I can use as a reciprocal member is willing to sponsor me for instructor training. I've received some push back from the BGA rep. There was no interest in allowing anything other than "he'll just have to do the full course." I fully understand his point that it makes little/no sense for someone to commute from the continent to the UK. But, what if I just want to do it?

I'm going to be in Germany for three years. If I spend a year or more training to be an instructor, then there's not a lot of time to use that skill before I leave. What the CFI and I have decided is that I'll use the time to have some really good flying experiences in the UK instead.

Pretty much all instruction is done by unpaid volunteers.Ditto in the US and Germany. Spend all that money and time to become an instructor and not get rich...

FAA Glider CFI for recommendation flights towards GPL.Dimitris in post 5 asked about an FAA CFI. I received a very similar email from him. I've answered him via email. The response to his needs depends on what he already has.

Within the limits of what's allowed by the BGA, LBA, club rules, etc. I'm happy to fly with anyone who needs an FAA flight review that can take place in a glider.