View Full Version : MD 10 Program Questions

Shore Guy
30th Apr 2002, 13:43

Tried searching for current information on the MD10 program without much luck.

Is the program still a go?

Same type as a DC 10 or MD 11 or separate type rating?

Any customers other than FEDEX?

Thanks in advance.

30th Apr 2002, 18:45
Program is still "go", total 89 to be built, 16 flying online currently, more in test, all going to FedEx.

Same type rating as the MD-11, NOT the same as the DC-10.

Shore Guy
1st May 2002, 09:17
Thanks for the info.....Any comments on different handling characteristics of the two aircraft? It is quite startling to taxi past an MD 11 and a DC10/MD10 and see the dramatic difference in the size of thier respective horizontal stabs/elevators.

Seeing that the type is common between the MD10/MD11, was there any artificial feel introduced into the MD10 to make it "feel" more like an MD11?