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Mickey Kaye
15th Jun 2013, 07:31
Is anyone able to give me a few pointers or point me in the right direction.

Portuguese chap working temporarily in the UK not sure how long he is going to me here but we are talking 6 months or so. Has a Portuguese EASA class 2 medical and has done a few hours flying and wants to do some more training while in the UK.

I understand that the Portuguese aviation authority will issue his PPL and that any training either in full or part undertaken by us can count for this.

How does it work flight examiner wise. Who do we have to inform to allow us to do the test? and how do we do it and what costs are involved.

If he completes some of his flight training here in the UK but all of his written exams in the UK. I would assume that this would count as the TK for an EASA PPL issue. If thats the case what forms do one have to fill in.

15th Jun 2013, 07:50
Who do we have to inform to allow us to do the test? Contact issuing Authority i.e Portugal DCA and see what they require.

I think the important thing is that all TK is done in the same State, All flying would be best done in the same State or you will need to transfer "ATO" in the process. He will require a UK FRTOL here but probably not in Portugal. Its largely worthless here now anyway since they changed the exams. ELP seems to be the all important thing!

You could always try using the "Standard" EASA Forms in the AMC; maybe someone actually uses them!
So much for European common standards and methodology!

15th Jun 2013, 08:43
A UK Examiner approved by Portugal can test. I can do it for you.

You need to check on the PPL exams. If doing the UK ones you will need to ask the Portuguese CAA if they are acceptable. If memory serves me right, they may not be.

However there is no reason why the UK can't issue the licence. The Portugal medical is valid for issue of a PPL. It's simple enough to have the record transferred.