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4th Jun 2013, 04:22
I'm just about to commence training for my Instructor's rating and was wondering if there is a market for freelance instructors.

All of my training has been with instructors employed or contracted to a school, but I know in the US this is not necessarily the approach.

I'm assuming I would have to operate under someone's AOC and that would be the deciding factor (i.e. you are then tied to that school as other schools would not take the liability or responsibility).

And without my own aircraft I'd have to hire through a school which would make the lesson more expensive.

Just a thought, but would love to hear from any independent instructors.


Clare Prop
6th Jun 2013, 13:24
You would have to work through an AOC.

Some have tried to "freelance" and work for more than one AOC holder, I have done it myself doing very different type of work with each organisation, but even with the best of intentions, it doesn't work well.

7th Jun 2013, 04:21
Thanks for the reply - I think by the time I had finished writing the post I had talked myself out of it!

7th Jun 2013, 05:26
As a general rule, in OZ an instructor may only instruct under the authority of a holder of an AOC that authorises training. It's not like the US where you can get an instructor rating, find an aeroplane (or rather, an airplane) and then hang out your shingle.

17th Jun 2013, 01:03
I believe you can freelance in NZ no prob.