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2nd Jun 2013, 21:06
According some media it a was a "rwy excurison" in heavy rain...however whats the reason of MLG doors open?

Accident: Cebu Pacific A320 at Davao on Jun 2nd 2013, runway excursion (http://avherald.com/h?article=46336de8&opt=0)

Rescue team arrived only 15 minutes later...?

Cebu Pacific plane overshoots Davao airport runway (http://www.rappler.com/nation/30462-cebu-pacific-plane-overshoots-davao-airport-runway)

2nd Jun 2013, 23:52
Rescue team arrived only 15 minutes later

Yes.....thence followed a thorough investigation:"the pilot went out of the cockpit and explained that the problem was caused by the plane’s wiper”

3rd Jun 2013, 02:22
Left engine doesn't look too keen

3rd Jun 2013, 05:50
According some media it a was a "rwy excurison" in heavy rain...however whats the reason of MLG doors open?

Only reason I can think is that the gravity extension was used to lower the gear.

3rd Jun 2013, 08:12
Glad everyone is OK, but it could raise old questions about their maintenance again, if anything is found to have been wrong with the plane.

Some of their A320s are fairly new, some of them have frayed seatbelts, torn seat covers etc and look on the inside to be well past their best-by date. That doesn't mean they are no well maintained, but it doesn't look good.

Then again, it is probably like that to make the passengers who are more familiar with jeepney travel feel at home.

de facto
3rd Jun 2013, 10:38
Did they hire ex spanair 'captains'?

3rd Jun 2013, 11:36
Sources within the airline claim that the runway lights failed briefly while the aircraft was on short final causing the runway excursion.

If true, were these pilots not told about a little something called "Go around" ?

3rd Jun 2013, 13:10
Did they hire ex spanair 'captains'?
And the point of this comment was . . . .?

de facto
3rd Jun 2013, 13:23
Let me rephrase it,...did Cebu hire ex spanair 320 Captains that were let go by Qatar before even starting to fly..

3rd Jun 2013, 14:20
Col Leopoldo Galon, chief of the military's 5th Civil Relations Group, said flight 5J 971 from Manila overran the runway and hit its uncemented portion at around 7:10 pm.

4th Jun 2013, 02:56
A daylight picture of the overrun.


mr Q
4th Jun 2013, 08:50
CAAP to Cebu Pacific: Remove plane or else (http://www.rappler.com/business/industries/171-aviation-tourism/30581-caap-to-cebu-pacific-remove-your-plane-or-else)
Hope the link works !!

4th Jun 2013, 09:12
A CAA inspector should keep his opinions to himself until facts become clear....:mad:

4th Jun 2013, 09:12

mr Q
4th Jun 2013, 09:26
Remember this is the Philippines..
Everybody who is anybody rushes into print regardless of the consequences
Sady Cebu Pacific also entered the arena initially denying anything untoward happened .... Hence no need for any emergency evacuation.....

4th Jun 2013, 12:51
Philippine aviation authorities said on Tuesday they were investigating Cebu Pacific pilots and crew who left passengers waiting some 15 minutes before deploying emergency slides on a plane that overshot the runway and landed on its nose.

None of the 165 passengers was injured, but several complained about the slow response. The rough landing in stormy weather on Sunday evening forced the closure of the Davao International Airport in the southern Philippines while the Airbus A320-200 remained stuck on the runway.

Civil Aviation Authority Deputy Director General John Andrews said that the pilots’ error probably caused the accident.

Everyone panicked. Women and children were screaming

Passenger Percival Jacones

“Everyone panicked. Women and children were screaming,” Percival Jacones told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He said that the cabin crew appeared stunned and that it took 15 minutes before the captain came out of the cockpit to address the passengers.

Davao Mayor Sara Duterte said airport management was late in alerting city emergency services about the landing and denied quick access to the passengers. She said that an airport security guard phoned Emergency 911 to report the accident. The aviation authority said that all angles will be investigated.

Cebu Pacific President Lance Gokongwei apologised but also defended the crew’s action.

“In this situation we may not have handled all issues perfectly, but we can learn from this experience,” Gokongwei told ABS-CBN TV.

The plane had departed Manila. Cebu Pacific is the Philippines’ largest low-cost carrier. It operates 33 Airbus planes and eight ATRs, and also flies on regional routes.

A similar accident occurred in 2011, when a Cebu Pacific plane overshot the runway in Puerto Princesa in western Palawan province. There were no casualties.

The Ateneo de Davao University, which had members aboard Sunday’s flight, published an open letter saying it will boycott the airline to protest “the insensitivity and ineptness” of the crew.

“Your personnel lack training for an emergency situation. They froze. They did not know what do to. They must be able to put the welfare of the passengers before their own,” said university President Joel Tabora.

SCMP.. 4/6/2013

mr Q
4th Jun 2013, 13:08
Gokongwei also stresed that the Davao incident did not involve "an emergency situation."

"There was no emergency situation...It was a precautionary disembarkation," he said, addressing a question on the length of time it took to deplane the passengers.

Affected passengers took to social media to complain about how it took Cebu Pacific flght crew all but 30 minutes to deplane them. This also prompted the president of Ateneo de Davao to write a scathing letter about how Cebu Pacific treated the passengers.

mr Q
4th Jun 2013, 13:26
Cebu Pacific vice president for marketing and distribution Candice Iyog said the way the ground crew handled the passengers is "something we can improve on."

She and Gokongwei, however, said the cabin crew followed protocol in handling the passengers while still they were still inside the plane.

In explaining why the airline staff took about 20 to 30 minutes to deplane the passengers, she said the cabin crew did not see imminent danger after they landed, checked the passengers if they have sharp objects with them, and were the last to deplane after making sure no one was left behind.

Gokongwei highlighted that no one was injured from the incident. - with reports from Karlos Manlupig/Rappler.com

4th Jun 2013, 14:04
Pictures posted by Cebu Pacific on their Facebook site


4th Jun 2013, 14:05

mr Q
6th Jun 2013, 03:52
DAVAO CITY—Minutes before Cebu Pacific Flight 5J-971 skidded off the runway at Davao International Airport on Sunday night, another plane from the same airline swerved after touchdown and hit the runway lights.
Sources from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) told the Inquirer that the first plane, a turboprop also owned by Cebu Pacific Air, hit two runway lights.
Minutes later, Flight 5J-971, an Airbus A320-200, landed in heavy rain, veered off the centerline, and fell nose first into a ditch.
CAAP sources said the turboprop plane, which came from Cagayan de Oro City, went into a skid on the rain-drenched runway because of strong winds.
A flight schedule post on Cebu Pacific’s website shows the daily Flight 5J-215, operated with a turboprop plane, arrives in Davao City at 6 in the evening.
The Airbus Flight 5J-971 touched down at 7:10 p.m. Sunday.
No report
CAAP sources said they learned about the incident involving the turboprop plane only during the inspection of the runway on Monday.
“The pilot (of the smaller plane) did not report the incident,” a CAAP source said.
The plane’s wheels were damaged during the incident, another source said.
The damaged runway lights were immediately replaced, but the skid marks of the plane’s wheels remained, showing what had happened, the source added.
“If the turboprop plane veered off and fell on the grassy area, damage would have been less because the plane was small. It could be easily removed,” the source said.
Had the incident been properly reported, it would have helped if officials and pilots were advised about the situation on the ground, the source said.
The CAAP chief at Davao International Airport, Frederick San Felix, said he did not receive any report about the turboprop plane from airport personnel and the airline company.
“I will verify the incident,” San Felix told the Inquirer by phone.
Class suit
On Tuesday night, at least 45 passengers, calling their group Flight 5J-971, met and agreed to bring a class suit against Cebu Pacific.
“We want to know what our value is for the company,” Andrew Bautista, one of the group’s leaders, told reporters when asked what the passengers expected to gain by pursuing the lawsuit.
“Somebody has to pay. This is not just about getting something from them,” he added.

Read more: Earlier plane mishap damaged Davao airport runway lights | Inquirer News (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/421405/earlier-plane-mishap-damaged-davao-airport-runway-lights#ixzz2VP7NJAmr)
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6th Jun 2013, 04:06
On Tuesday night, at least 45 passengers, calling their group Flight 5J-971, met and agreed to bring a class suit against Cebu Pacific.
“We want to know what our value is for the company,” Andrew Bautista, one of the group’s leaders, told reporters when asked what the passengers expected to gain by pursuing the lawsuit.
“Somebody has to pay. This is not just about getting something from them,” he added.

Just what are they going to get paid for? No injuries, no loss of possessions.

mr Q
6th Jun 2013, 04:39
I suspect they and their lawyers will soon be approached by American legal specialists in this field on a no win no fee basis with all sorts of advice as to jurisdiction ( where to sue) class actions ,exemplary and punitive damages,and advice on claims for every mental and psychological condition known to mankind and allegedly caused by the accident. Cebu Pacific will presumably eventually settle and the lawyers will go back to their lairs to wait the next air accident/ incident ........

6th Jun 2013, 05:37
Two different aircrafts, same runway...what about the runway conditions?

6th Jun 2013, 08:27
I wouldn't class this as an "overrun", more a "veeroff" as it appears to have come to rest opposite the terminal building about half-way down the runway...

mr Q
6th Jun 2013, 09:46
But an attempt to cover up the first incident ....
How to explain the damage to the landing gear ?
Vandalism while parked at a remote stand ? Keep flying as if nothing happened ?? And any record in the relevant log ???

6th Jun 2013, 23:30
exactly, running over the lights, with gear damage, and not reporting...

perhaps the 3 foot tall grass at runway edge is why the lights were obscured...

6th Jun 2013, 23:45
Having much experience of the Philippines, trying to discover the truth will lead to a lot of :ugh:,

mr Q
7th Jun 2013, 06:29
impressed that Davao airport had the replacement lights available for immediate installation
In Philippines it CAN take days.....months.....to source the replacements .....then days to deliver and more days to install test and activate the lighting ....
Meantime the speculation mounts
Why was the F/O flying the aircraft ?
How many hours flying time did the commander have ??
Was the commander ill before the landing ?

13th Jun 2013, 17:13
If the F/O is a MPL holder,

Not really surprised!!

smiling monkey
13th Jun 2013, 23:38
.. and another Cebu Pacific runway excursion yesterday in Manila. But at least with this one, they can taxi in in to the apron. Phew!! :\

Incident: Cebu Pacific A319 at Manila on Jun 13th 2013, runway excursion (http://avherald.com/h?article=463c5b71&opt=0)

17th Jun 2013, 22:08
And yet another one, today:

CebuPac plane skids on NAIA runway - Manila Standard Today (http://manilastandardtoday.com/2013/06/15/cebupac-plane-skids-on-naia-runway/)

I am not a pilot; I do travel on Cebu Pacific. Several friends who are pilots have commented on what they say is practically a "culture" of arriving hot and high in Philippines domestic aviation. I don't know if there is a connection but I pass this on in the hope that professionals may like to comment.

direct ortac
18th Jun 2013, 09:26
Jetjockey696 quote: "Philippine aviation authorities said on Tuesday they were investigating Cebu Pacific pilots and crew who left passengers waiting some 15 minutes before deploying emergency slides on a plane that overshot the runway and landed on its nose."

Late reply I know but didn't the QF1 crew wait for quite some time at BKK (DM) before slide deployment and evac?

18th Jun 2013, 11:33
direct ortac

May be incorrect but I think the PA system / Comms from the flight deck were compromised, in QF 1, which is why there was a delay.

21st Jun 2013, 03:15
where is the CAAP report on this???

black box should have given data and recordings by this time......

crwkunt roll
21st Jun 2013, 04:50
"There was no emergency situation...It was a precautionary disembarkation,"
So why wasn't a simple PA given to explain it.....???

St. Ex
22nd Jun 2013, 08:44
The last time I checked the FCOM, the SOP was an announcement "ATTENTION CREW, AT STATIONS!" by the Captain on the PA without delay in case of any possible emergency evacuation, actual, precautionary or otherwise. The purpose is supposedly to establish communication between the flight deck crew and the cabin crew as well as to calm the passengers by establishing that there is somebody in command. That is the Captains duty.

Similarly, the cabin crew's duty would be to would be to anticipate a command from the Captain. In the absence of any communication, it is her duty to call the flight deck and inquire. No response, the lead cabin crew then takes over and becomes the person in charge.

No hesitation and without delay.

That's the protocol/ chain of command. Was it followed?

23rd Jun 2013, 03:22
St. Ex.

is VP flight ops back in his office?

who is the A330 Chief Pilot?

St. Ex
25th Jun 2013, 03:39
VP Flt Ops is Capt Jim Sydiongco, CP A330 is Capt Manny Ilagan. Big boss at the long haul division is Alex Reyes. No replacement yet for the COA.

25th Jun 2013, 11:46
Philippine aviation authorities suspended two pilots from budget carrier Cebu Pacific after their plane overshot a runway, saying they should have aborted the landing and failed to evacuate the aircraft which could have exploded.
The plane skidded off the runway in bad weather on June 2, coming to a halt on muddy ground beside the tarmac at the airport in the southern city of Davao.
All 165 people on board escaped unharmed, but angry passengers have criticized the pilots and cabin crew, saying no one assisted them, AFP reports.
The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines criticized the two pilots for a series of lapses. Deputy director John Andrews said they should have aborted the landing when they realized the plane was not descending at the correct angle.
And once the plane was on the ground, the pilots failed to immediately evacuate the passengers, leaving them on board for 15 minutes during which time the aircraft could have erupted in flames.
“In cases like this, you immediately initiate emergency evacuation. You don't know if the plane will explode or if the fuel lines were cut and there will be a fire,'' Andrews told reporters.
The chief pilot was suspended for six months and barred from serving as captain on a plane for a year, while his co-pilot was suspended for three months.
Cebu Pacific will also be asked to comply with an “action plan'' which stresses safety over cost-cutting, Andrews said, adding that shaving down turnaround time between flights could cause mistakes to happen.
“When you speed things up, you sometimes forget something,'' he said. “We can say Cebu Pacific is safe. We just want to make it more safe.''
CAAP officials said the airline could still face additional fines for the damage and losses caused to the airport.
Cebu Pacific said in a statement that it would comply with all the aviation authority's recommendations and would improve its training procedures, putting a new emphasis on safety.

The HK standard.. 25/06/2013