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2nd Jun 2013, 13:01
If the current EASA proposals come into force next year I will have to obtain a SET Rating on my UK PPL.(UK domicile flying foreign reg in EASA land)
I currently fly a UK based N reg SE turboprop on my FAA CPL/IR.
The CAA FCL don't answer E Mails(6+ weeks) and the person on the telephone said I would need a UK Type Rating.
There are none of this type on the UK reg and this one will remain firmly on the FAA reg, so no UK TR in existence.
CAA lady said in that case I would not be able to fly it in Europe next year.
Any ideas??

Curtis E Carr
2nd Jun 2013, 13:16
I would need a UK Type Rating.

Does she mean a type rating issued in accordance with Part FCL?

If, as I suspect, she does, any ATO in EASA land with a suitable approval should be able to do it. Just because your type is not on the UK register, does not mean that it is not on a register somewhere in EASA land

2nd Jun 2013, 16:35
I currently fly a UK based N reg SE turboprop on my FAA CPL/IR.So you need a SET Class rating not a Type rating. The SET Class is based upon the aircraft manufacturer.

Manual Reversion
2nd Jun 2013, 22:42
What is the type? Perhaps we can help .

3rd Jun 2013, 06:10
Cessna P210 Silver Eagle. P210 with a RR/Allison 250 bolted on the front by O&N in USA.
Private ops only no Hire and Reward.
Pilots all have several hundred hours on type. No help or information given by CAA on obtaining the Class/rating.
There are several on various European registration.

3rd Jun 2013, 07:49
Table 11a (http://www.easa.europa.eu/certification/experts/docs/oeb-general/List_of_Aeroplanes_--_Class_and_Type_Ratings_and_Endorsement_List-14052013.pdf) Cessna SET covers it

Most of the Cessna SET training in the UK is done on the PT6 but the engine doesn't matter. Look for someone offering Caravan training.

3rd Jun 2013, 09:05
Thanks for the info. The only way at the moment seems in the UK a C208 Type Rating at many thousands of . Not very applicable to a Cessna 210!
I will pursue the owners in France and Germany on the European register, and see if there is a more common sense way, or hope the proposed EASA licence requirements are modified.

Manual Reversion
3rd Jun 2013, 22:04
If you have your aircraft, I would be happy to do it on that...cessna set examiner and some 5000 hours trying to persuade the oil to reach all the bearings on an Allison B17C

30th Jun 2013, 14:02
Do let me know what you find out, Cessnapete, - I am after one of these myself and have a similar licensing scenario to consider.


30th Jun 2013, 14:29
This topic was discussed at a recent SSCC-TAG meeting, with the consensus that a CessnaSET rating can be issued to you provided you meet the requirements in Annex III C.1 of the aircrew regulation, i.e.

A valid class or type rating contained in a licence issued by a third country may be inserted in a Part-FCL licence provided that the applicant:
(a) complies with the experience requirements and the prerequisites for the issue of the applicable type or class rating in accordance with Part-FCL;
(b) passes the relevant skill test for the issue of the applicable type or class rating in accordance with Part-FCL;
(c) is in current flying practice;
(d) has no less than:
(i) for aeroplane class ratings, 100 hours of flight experience as a pilot in that class;

That there is no FAA class or type rating is not relevant.

Perhaps more significantly Art 8(5) allows an NAA to issue a type rating on an EASA licence restricted to the N-reg without even meeting those requirements, provided you meet the FAA requirements to fly it. Since the number of Silver Eagles on EU registers is rather small, the limitation to N-reg probably won't inconvenience you much.

8(5). Aeroplane or helicopter type ratings may be issued to holders of Part-FCL licences that comply with the requirements for the issue of those ratings established by a third country. Such ratings will be restricted to aircraft registered in that third country. This restriction may be removed when the pilot complies with the requirements in point C.1 of Annex III.

While this is formally for type ratings, you may be able to make a case for this class rating since CessnaSET is a bit special.

You should also be aware that the Class/Type rating lists are likely to be shaken up early next year with the introduction of regulation on Operational Suitability Data.

PM me for more, with email addresses and names please.

2nd Jul 2013, 09:20
Thanks guys for the interest and info on above subject. We are applying to CAA for a suitable examiners aurthority to carry out the skills test.

Hope more success this time as previous 3 E Mails to CAA Fcl for the info have gone unanswered for 2 months.

8th Jul 2013, 19:48
Cessnapete - do let me know about the rating. I note that HPA is not required. As a related issue, where can one get an N-reg Silver Eagle through an annual in Europe. I have drawn a blank at Gama when I was doing some feasibility diligence: QUOTE
"Unfortunately our FAA repair station approval is based on our EASA Part 145 approval which has to follow the regulatory route for certification and the Cessna P210 with the Allinson engine falls into a group of aircraft for which type ratings must be held on both airframe and engine by each individual certifying engineer.
Whilst all of our licenced engineers have the usual piston engine Cessna's as part of a group rating, to certify the P210 in this instance we would have to send an engineer on a type course (at great expense) in order to carry out any maintenance tasks.
I hope this clarifies the situation - I don't want to turn away any custom, but at the same time I can't work outside of the regulation structure."

Do you have a good workshop recommendation?


10th Jul 2013, 06:14
We have ours maintained in Europe by organisation who look after a number of the aircraft. Very efficient and less expensive than the previous UK provider. No problem with engineer sign off.
Will PM you with details.

10th Jul 2013, 06:35
can we get the instructor rating ? just after the PPL?

"the worse thing is the time is flying, and the best thing is you are the PILOT..."

20th Aug 2013, 18:38
Hi guys,
Do you know any cheap place in Europe to do Cessna SET class rating ??