View Full Version : Southend CTZ Proposal

1st Jun 2013, 19:29
Sorry. A region specific issue here but it's something we are all affected by.
Southend have submitted plans for a massive CTZ. This will have a big impact on flight training in the area plus affect GA transitting the area.
All this because of a few Easy Jet flights. Just think everyone should be aware.
Look out for the CAA proposal.

Andy Mayes
1st Jun 2013, 21:38
Thanks although if you mean a Control Zone then its 'CTR'.

1st Jun 2013, 22:23
Hardly just a few easyJet flight's we are developing the airport and expanding our routes there.

1st Jun 2013, 22:45
You can have change, or you can have stagnation.

2nd Jun 2013, 08:27
I think you should all look at the proposal. The area being proposed is extremely large. If apporved, yes, stagnation of flight training in the area. No flights at a safe height for stalls unless you clear off to Colchester. It will also be hard work transitting the area to the South of the Thames too. Southend ATC will be even more busy than they are now.
All well and good if you fly the big stuff but the size of the proposal does not justify the level of activity. It seems the big boys want it all their own way. Why are Easy jet there? Cost and control. They are starting to P*ss everyone off in the area. If any of you fly round ehre you'd know!
I think its great Southend have grown. A lot of money has been spent.
Obviously they'll get some kind of zone but hopefully the size they want will be refused.

2nd Jun 2013, 09:40
Southend does not need a CTR to develop, any more than a number of other regional airports do, including Exeter with a major airline based there, unless events have overtaken me.

It's more an indication of its Management's poorly conceived desire for some kind of perceived status.

It introduces totally unnecessary costs which are more likely to put airlines off than encourage them.

Southend has recently brought a brand-new radar into service, I believe, so can provide a totally safe surveillance service for commercial and other traffic in between Class D airspace and its Zone, just as they do at Exeter using a Watchman installed in the 1980's, now managing ATM volumes that SEN can only dimly remember from its days with BAF and the car ferries.

Airlines and tour operators will use airports if they believe that it is commercially a good idea. That decision will be taken regardless of the ATC situation so long as the operation is allowable under EASA OPS; the only technical criteria that must, and thus will be considered are its RFFS Category and Customs status.

The aviation community MUST stand up against any increase in controlled airspace, especially when it is not necessary for safe operations. Fortunately, the authorities tend invariably to resist requests for more from airports seeking aggrandisement without a strong technical case, and let's hope they go on doing that.