View Full Version : FI(A) refresher seminar in SPAIN/FRANCE/NL

1st Jun 2013, 18:20
I need to do one of these seminars until July 31th.

I would be very gratefull for any suggestion. Can be anywhere in spain, france, nl, or any other cheap travelling countries.

2nd Jun 2013, 18:22
i did my seminar at Canavia in Las Palmas.
Escuela (http://www.canavia.es/canavia/Escuela.html)
give them a call
but make sure Inac or whatever the country of your license will accept the seminar by a foreign ATO

2nd Jun 2013, 20:57
Plenty on the ANPI website. Did mine with them recently, very well presented and helpful. Assume your spoken french is up for it?

3rd Jun 2013, 15:38
Thanks for the replies. Actually my french isn't that good, so I would prefer an english one. I will check those options and verify with Portugal authority